Murray to Huckabee: Big Problems with Obama Chemical Weapons Claim

Sep 3rd, 2013 | By | Category: Weekly Washington Updates

William J Murray has been on numerous venues refuting some of the most oblivious false claims of the Obama Administration with regard to the alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack on a “rebel” position on the very day that UN inspectors arrived in Syria. The most obvious is why would the Syrians use chemical weapons with UN inspectors in the country. The obvious answer is that they would not … Next comes the number of victims. Doctors Without Borders said that 355 people died from some “neurotoxic symptoms” but would no name chemical weapons. But Barack Obama put the death count at 1,429. What are the names of the 1,429 dead and where are their graves? There are no photos of mass graves and no lists of names. Why?

William J Murray and Gov. Mike Huckabee

William J Murray and Gov. Mike Huckabee

But the really big question is why the the Obama Administration try to stop the United Nations investigation on the day it was suppose to start? According to the Wall Street Journal, a senior administration official called UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon before the inspectors ever left Damascus, “telling him the inspection mission was pointless and no longer safe.” (Read more)

The single biggest issue is who is the United States backing in Syria, if anyone in particular. Black flags of jihad fly everywhere in “rebel” controlled areas and the acts of cruelty including beheadings and cannibalism are common. This is not a group of people a civilized nation should be associated with.

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