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ISIS Take ‘Prettiest Virgins’ As Sex Slaves And Burned One Alive For Refusing Extreme Perverted Acts

May 22nd, 2015 | By

ISIS terrorists are picking out the “prettiest virgins” from the women they capture and sending them to their Syrian stronghold to be sex slaves, according to a UN expert.

ISIS Thug Suspected Of Killing 150 Women & Girls

Dec 18th, 2014 | By

The Iraqi Ministry Of Human Rights has just released a statement on the ruthless brutality of an Islamic State terrorist named Abu Anas Al-Libi, who killed more than 150 girls and women because they refused to enter into phony weddings with ISIS killers. Many of these women were pregnant.

French, British IS Fighters Discuss Use Of Yazidi Women As Sex Slaves

Sep 5th, 2014 | By

During its takeover of large parts of northern Iraq in the summer of 2014, the Islamic State (IS) captured many Yazidi villages, and reportedly took many Yazidi women to be sold and used as sex slaves. Chatting on social media, foreign IS fighters have bantered about the issue and discussed various points of the Islamic law regarding slavery. Their discourse reveals that, according to their understanding of these laws, Muslims may own and sell non-Muslims as slaves, especially women, whom the master may use and even rape as he pleases.