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Saudi Arabia Threatened to Break Relations With U.N. Over Human Rights Criticism in Yemen

Jun 10th, 2016 | By

Saudi Arabia warned U.N. head that it would pull hundreds of millions of dollars from U.N. programs if it was singled out for killing and maiming children in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has bombed hospitals and schools in its drive to kill all the Shea Muslims in Yemen.

EU Parliament adopts resolution calling for arms embargo against Saudi Arabia over Yemen

Feb 25th, 2016 | By
Saudi terror

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling for the introduction of an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia over its operation in Yemen. The resolution calls for an EU-wide arms embargo against the country, until alleged breaches of international humanitarian law in Yemen have been investigated, the group wrote.

U.S. Funded Syrian Relief Flowed Despite Radical Elements In FSA

Mar 12th, 2014 | By
Senator John McCain with bearded jihadists. McCain entered Syria illegally to show support for the these terrorists.

A Syrian rebel group benefitting from $10 million in nonlethal American aid includes allies and supporters of radical Islamic groups who share the goal of toppling dictator Bashar al-Assad.

The aid, consisting mainly of food and medical supplies, is financed by a State Department grant and routed to the Free Syrian Army by an organization of Syrian Americans that simultaneously lobbies Congress for more rebel aid.