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Bill Promoting Religious Freedom In Middle East Goes to Obama

Jul 26th, 2014 | By

Will President Barack Obama sign into law Senator Roy Blunt’s bill promoting religious freedom in the Middle East which passed in both houses of Congress? The question arises as the President says nothing about the cleansing of Christians from Iraq by the ISIL

Washington Report- October 25th, 2013

Oct 25th, 2013 | By

In this issue: Obama created Syrian nightmare / Obama Army exposed for smearing Christian groups / Pro-gay agenda activist takes over Homeland Security / Senators demand response to persecution of Christians / Congressman wants abortion coverage disclosed / World Council of Churches ignores persecuted Christians / International Religious Freedom Day ignored? / In Yemen, Muslim father burns teen daughter to death / in Kenya, Muslims murder pastors / In Nigeria, Police in norther states enforce Sharia on Christians / In Syria, Christians turn to Russia for help/ CLIP OF TERROR ATTACK ON LIVE NEWS PROGRAM

Washington Report- August 23rd, 2013

Aug 23rd, 2013 | By

In this issue: Priest says Obama does not understand Egypt / Obama military being cleansed of Christians / White House jokes about attacks on Coptic Christians / Senator condemns attacks on Coptic Christians / Congress in recess / Reeducation camps for Christians? / Terrorist Assistance And Facilitation Act / Egypt: Documented attacks on Christians / Egypt: Coptic Pope calls MB terrorists/ Syria: The chemical attacks that weren’t / Out of context? Radical Imam calls for death of Hindus and Buddhists

Report From Washington – September 21, 2012

Sep 21st, 2012 | By

In this issue: US government running ads to apologize to radical Muslims / White House admits video did not cause attacks / Why Mr. President? / A hundred year old prophecy haunts America today / Rising tide of restrictions on religion / Many dead in riots on “Love the Prophet Day” / Turkey PM demands worldwide blasphemy laws / Six years in jail for insulting Egypt’s Muslim president / 100 Afghans killed by Syrian troops – in Syria! / France braces for cartoon riots

Chairman’s Report for June 29, 2011

Jun 30th, 2011 | By
Alaska Pipeline may shut down

William J Murray reports on President Obama, Congress and terrorism. This issue includes Obama’s drive to make us more dependent on energy from despotic nations and his release of oil from the Strategic Reserve. The genocide of Christians in the Sudan which Obama is also ignoring while assisting Muslims in Egypt is questioned. At the Capitol Peter King’s hearings on radical Islam in our prisons and the Child Interstate Abortion Notification bill are investigated. On the international front the continued slaughter of Christians in Nigeria by the Boko Haram is discussed. Also covered is the continued push for sharia law in Egypt by elements of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Report From Washington – June 24, 2011

Jun 24th, 2011 | By

In this Issue: Obama releases oil to punish traders – markets drop / Donate big to Obama and get a big Fed job / Senators want to protect religious freedom in the Middle East / Geert Wilders acquitted / Netherlands hate speech law still in effect / Delta Airlines “no Jew” policy – Is this real? / Muslims kill again in Nigeria / Release Asia Bibi now