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Syrian Patriarchs Appeal to World to Remove Sanctions from Syria

Aug 26th, 2016 | By

On Tuesday, August 23, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All East John X Yazigi, Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Gregorios III Laham, and Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All East Mar Ignatius Aphrem II delivered an appeal requesting the world to life the siege and sanctions imposed on

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Iraqi Christian Refugees Still Live in Fear

Aug 10th, 2016 | By

Over the last two years, thousands of Christians in Iraq fled their homes in hopes of escaping persecution from ISIS. Christians have faced the worst that the Islamic State has to offer – crucifixions, beheadings, gang rapes, sex slavery, beatings, and robbery – it is rare that the mainstream media reports this fact to the

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Islam And Islamism In America In 2015: Part I

Jan 25th, 2016 | By

•Fouad ElBayly, an Egyptian-born imam who in 2007 said that Somali-born activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali should receive the death penalty for her criticism of Islam, is now a Department of Justice contractor hired to teach classes to Muslims who are in federal prison. – The Daily Caller

Atheist Author Exposes Bias Against Middle Eastern Christians

Jan 19th, 2016 | By

The INS has been given its marching orders: block Middle Eastern Christians from entering the U.S., but put out the welcome mat for anyone who wants to reclaim Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico as Mexican provinces, or for anyone who adheres to Islam and expects the rest of the U.S. to abide by its rules, and who wouldn’t mind the Constitution being replaced with Sharia law.

Syria Conflict: Thousands Of Refugees Stranded At Jordan Border

Jan 8th, 2016 | By

Jordan has acknowledged that thousands of Syrian refugees are stranded in a remote desert area on its northern border with Syria awaiting entry. Government spokesman Mohammed Momani told the Associated Press “the number is 12,000, but it is increasing”.

Christian Genocide Collides with Georgetown Fantasies

Jan 5th, 2016 | By

Shah’s overly-optimistic appeal for Mideast Christians and Muslims to unite upon the basis of individual human dignity reflects Islamophile sentiments all-too prevalent at Georgetown. Guided in particular by the university’s Saudi-funded Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU), Georgetown faculty and deceptive events regularly dismiss concerns about Islam as “Islamophobia.”

Chairman’s Report for December 4th, 2015

Dec 4th, 2015 | By

In this issue of the newsletter: Update: Christmas for Refugees program will meet goals for 2015 Update: Matching gift challenge met, enables Christmas program expansion New: Jihad in Paris: Was attack caused by Islam or global warming? New:  President Obama’s love for Christianity’s “sister religion” Christmas for Christian Refugees program begins soon             First Christmas events

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Christian Convert From Islam Presents Politically Incorrect Islam

Nov 24th, 2015 | By

By Andrew Harrod, PhD: “There is something wrong with Islam as a faith itself,” stated human rights activist Reverend Majed El Shafie at a videoed November 16 Washington, DC, Endowment for Middle East Truth presentation on Capitol Hill.  Addressing over 25 people, mostly congressional and think tank staff, the Egyptian Muslim convert to Christianity Shafie

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Islamic State To Bring Guerrilla Warfare To Western Cities

Nov 20th, 2015 | By

The Islamic State could be planning to wage guerrilla warfare on European cities, according to a counter-insurgency expert, leading to a terrorist army living and growing in capitals across the continent, destroying the Europe we know today, forever.

Obama Plans Muslim Invasion Of America

Nov 12th, 2015 | By

Barack Hussein Obama has made it clear that he and his pro-Islamist friends in the federal government are planning on importing hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees” into the United States before the end of his term in January 2017.