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Washington Report- October 18th, 2013

Oct 19th, 2013 | By
Army presentation shows AFA as "hate group"

In this issue: Obama’s DOD threatens priest with arrest / Obama’s Army says Christian groups are “hate” groups / Obama rebels collect jizia tax / McCain attacks Congressman Gohmert / California law allows boys to enter girls’ restrooms / Morocco: Court persecutes Christians / Pakistan: Christian families in hiding / UK: Muslim terrorists arrested on plot to attack mall / Thailand: New bombings by Muslims kill at least 13

November 19, 2010 – Washington, DC

Nov 19th, 2010 | By

Obama, Muslims, the Haj and “death to America” / Congress is back and nothing has changed – GOP wants lower taxes and Dems want open homosexuality in the military / Muslims sue Oklahoma to allow sharia law / California school tells student “no U.S. flag” / Michael Moore wants mosque moved to actual Twin Towers

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