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Congresswoman Gabbard Makes Unannounced Trip to Syria

Jan 18th, 2017 | By

Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard made an unannounced trip to Syria two months after she met with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss foreign policy. Gabbard, a major in the Army National Guard and a representative for the 2nd District of Hawaii frequently challenged Obama on national security issues. When she sat down with Trump, Gabbard warned

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Barack Hussein Obama: Biggest Purveyor Of Fake News In America About Islam

Jan 16th, 2017 | By
Obama attacks Christian history at prayer breakfast. (Photo from White House Internet site)

By: Frank York Liberals have been going nuts since the election of Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States. One of their latest propaganda projects is to claim that there’s an epidemic of “fake news” coming from broadcast and Internet web sites. The “fake news” they’re concerned about is coming from

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Step by step: How Hillary, Obama incubated ISIS

Jan 6th, 2017 | By
Hillary Clinton at her best

NEW YORK – By piecing together recently revealed WikiLeaks emails with evidence that has emerged over the past several years, it’s become increasingly clear that President Obama and his secretary of state at the time, Hillary Clinton in 2011, armed the Free Syrian Army rebels in an effort to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad,

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Hungary’s Parliament Condemns Persecution Of Christians

Dec 15th, 2016 | By

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (BosNewsLife)– Hungary’s parliament has passed a government-initiated decree condemning the persecution of Christian around the world as well as other religious minorities. The vote came after the government began opening an office supporting persecuted Christians following talks with Pope Francis. In the decree, Hungary’s parliament expresses “solidarity” with especially persecuted Christians in Africa

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Religious Persecution is Focus of New US Law

Dec 14th, 2016 | By

A bill has been sent to President Obama’s desk that addresses the increasing persecution of Christians and other religious minorities around the world. The Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act will give the United States government and the State Department new tools, resources and training to help counter extremism and violations of religious freedom

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Obama Administration’s Secret Refugee Deal with Australia

Dec 5th, 2016 | By

Almost 2,500 refugees from terrorism hot spots around the world are making their way to the U.S. after being denied refugee status from Australia. The U.S. State Department has classified information on refugees to be resettled in American via a secret deal made with Australia. This bilateral agreement, and unprecedented move, involves 2,465 people, who

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Federal Judge Calls Lack of Christian Refugees A “Perplexing Discrepancy”

Nov 1st, 2016 | By

A federal judge rebuked the Obama administration because of the lack of Syrian Christians being admitted from the war-torn country, describing it as a “perplexing discrepancy” that only 56 of 11,000 Syrian refugees admitted into the United States during fiscal year 2016 were Christian. Despite the fact that a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled

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Hacked Emails Show Obama’s Favoritism Towards Muslims

Oct 28th, 2016 | By

Earlier this week, Wikileaks released another batch of John Podesta’s hacked emails. This batch revealed that Obama’s transition team kept lists of Muslim and Asian American candidates for jobs in his administration. The email chain from 2008 revealed that Middle Eastern Christians were purposefully excluded from being considered for jobs in the Obama administration. Preeta

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Hungary Opens Office to Help Persecuted Christians

Oct 17th, 2016 | By

Hungary became the “first government to open an office specifically to address the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and in Europe.” Hungary’s Minister for Human Resources, Zoltan Balog, said: “Today, Christianity has become the most persecuted religion, where out of five people killed [for] religious reasons, four of them are Christians. In 81 countries

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Could Hillary Be Responsible for Arming Benghazi Terrorists?

Oct 6th, 2016 | By

New speculations are being made about the extent of Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Benghazi. As it turns out, Obama “quietly shut down” a criminal case that some say would prove that actions made by Clinton when she was secretary of state lead to arming the Islamic terrorists responsible for Benghazi. Over the years, investigative reporters

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