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The Chairman’s Report for November 24, 2017

Nov 28th, 2017 | By

The Religious Freedom Coalition is moving forward with plans for our Christmas for Refugees program in Iraq. In some cases, the only question that remains is where the children will be. One of the new towns in which we intended to hold a Christmas program was Telskuf. It now appears that the children who would have been there, will be back in camps in Dohuk Province.

Christians kicked out of Nineveh Plain — again!

Nov 21st, 2017 | By

The Religious Freedom Coalition is assisting with the purchase of water for Odrana Camp in Dohuk, Iraq. The Christians in that camp are Assyrians who were forced from the northern areas of the Nineveh Plain by the Islamic State (ISIS). Those areas included the town of Telskuf, which for a while was occupied by the Islamic State and served as one of their strongholds in the Nineveh Plain. Then, the town was leveled by American and Coalition aircraft after Navy Seal Charles Keating IV was killed there by a sniper. He was “advising” a Kurdish Peshmerga unit trying to capture the town from ISIS.

Christians Face Exclusion in Iraq Reconstruction Plan

Jan 31st, 2017 | By

An alliance of UK-based charities has warned that Christians are being excluded from reconstruction plans for Northern Iraq once the Islamic State has been defeated there. According to World Watch Monitor: “Iraqi Christians firmly believe that Iraq is their spiritual homeland; their presence dates back at least to the 3rd Century. Before 2003, there were

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Gearing up for 2017 with Diapers for Refugees

Jan 5th, 2017 | By

In December, the Diapers for Refugees program delivered 160,000 more high-quality disposable diapers to the Ashti 2 refugee camp in Ankawa, Iraq. This marked the final delivery for 2016. Earlier in 2016, the Diapers for Refugee program set a goal of delivering 640,000 diapers to Christian refugee families that have been ignored by the Islamic-run

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