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Show the National Motto: In God We Trust

Jul 28th, 2014 | By

Are you OK with being told you can’t talk about God? There’s no need to be quiet any longer. “In God We Trust” is more than just our national motto – it’s our country’s foundation and part of our identity as Americans. The U.S. Congress passed Resolution 13* with an overwhelming 396/9 vote in November, 2011, reaffirming our national motto and encouraging its public display.  You can help display “In God We Trust” in government buildings, Courtrooms, schools and businesses

Court Dismisses Challenge To National Motto, “In God We Trust”

Sep 17th, 2013 | By
In God We Trust

A New York federal district court has dismissed a challenge to the inclusion of our national motto, “In God We Trust,” on United States currency.  Forty-one Members of the House of Representatives signed an amicus curiae brief in May, filed by the American Center for Law and Justice and the American Catholic Lawyers Association supporting the motto.

Congressional Prayer Caucus stands for God and Country

Jul 12th, 2013 | By

Contrary to popular belief there are many godly men in Congress and many of them, both Democrats and Republicans, are members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus. This group of more than 100 congressmen just do more than pray together each week, they take action. The issues the Prayer Caucus is involved in support the social fabric of our nation.