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Syrian Christian family marks Christmas far from home

Dec 29th, 2013 | By

Like many Syrian Christian refugees, Bassam Qaloumi and his family, from the ancient Christian village of Maaloula, are celebrating Christmas this year in Lebanon, clinging to the hope that one day they’ll return home.

Abduction of Nuns in Syria Aims to Force Christians to Emigrate

Dec 12th, 2013 | By

Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem and Jordan condemned the kidnapping 12 nuns from the monastery of St. Takla in Maaloula, Syria, adding that the goal of this crime is to harass Christians and push them to emigrate.

According to Palestine’s Maan news agency, Patriarch Theophilus said the kidnappers cannot claim they are fighters or revolutionaries who want to achieve national goals, and are “just criminals who have lost religious and human values.”

Nuns abducted by US supported Islamist rebels

Dec 3rd, 2013 | By
Ancient Christian city of Maaloula

Islamist fighters supported by President Barack Obama have abducted 12 nuns from a predominantly Christian village near Damascus and taken them to a rebel-held town, the mother superior of a Syrian convent said Tuesday

US supported al-Qaeda rebels have nuns and orphans trapped

Dec 2nd, 2013 | By

The Damascus-based Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East for Greek Orthodox announced in this new statement that about 40 nuns and orphans are trapped inside the monastery of St. Thecla (Saint Takla / Mar Takla) in the Christian village of Maaloula (Ma’loula) in the north of Damascus.

Al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebel snipers haunt Christian town of Maaloula

Sep 21st, 2013 | By

Al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels continue to haunt the predominantly Christian town of Maaloula as regime fighters struggle to regain power there.

Maaloula, about 35 miles northeast of Damascus, the capital, is nestled under a large cliff, the summit of which is controlled by the rebels. “Invisible” snipers continue to pepper the residents below.

Washington Report- September 13th, 2013

Sep 13th, 2013 | By

In this issue: Obama backs down / Anti-Semite appointed to religious freedom body / No White House comment on Syria joining weapons ban / Congressman speaks at Benghazi rally / Congressmen stand for our “First Freedom” / “Million” Muslim march on 9-11 / Syria: video of street battle raging in a Christian village / Philippines: “Rebels” take Christian town / Syria: U.S. military admits rebels had Sarin gas / Morocco: Another Christian jailed for faith

Inside the battle for Syria’s ancient Christian village

Sep 12th, 2013 | By
Click image for video

Anti-Assad rebels have been forced out of many parts of Syria’s ancient Christian village of Maaloula, but the fighting there remains heavy, Correspondent Maria Finoshina reports from the scene as her translator is hit by jihadist sniper fire. Jihadists murdered Christian villagers, looted stores and defiled churches.

Al-Qaida Fighters Capture Syrian Christian Town

Sep 9th, 2013 | By

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service DAMASCUS, SYRIA (BosNewsLife)– Rebels linked to terror group al-Qaida have captured the Christian town of Maaloula as part of a campaign to take control of strategic mountains near the capital Damascus, opposition representatives confirmed Sunday, September 8. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the hard-line Islamist rebels of the al-Nusra

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