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Christian Convert Faces 10 Years Imprisonment In Kazakhstan

Oct 12th, 2015 | By

A court in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan has begun hearing the case against a Kazakh Christian convert who could face a long prison term on charges of “inciting religious hatred”. Yqylas Qabduaqasov, 54, an active member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, was brought to the courtroom in the capital Astana Friday, October 9, in handcuffs, reporters said.

KAZAKHSTAN: Jailed over Easter; new deportation order

Apr 25th, 2014 | By
Kazakhstan is one of the many Islamic "stans" that became a curse upon the civilized world after they broke away from the Soviet Union

Imprisoned for six days over Easter was Council of Churches Baptist Denis Yenenko. He refused to pay a fine in 2013 imposed to punish him for leading worship without the compulsory state permission. “He wasn’t fined for praying to God,” a Prosecutor’s Office official told news agency Forum 18. “He committed an offence and made no attempt to pay the fine.”

Evangelical Pastor Facing Abuse In Kazakhstan Prison, Christians Warn

Jul 17th, 2013 | By

An evangelical pastor faced possible abuse in a Kazakhstan prison Tuesday, July 16, nearly two months after he was jailed for harming the health of his congregants by infusing hallucinogens” into the communion juice” and other charges, rights activists told BosNewsLife.