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Jewish terrorist who nearly killed Messianic boy seeks prison furlough

Jan 10th, 2018 | By
The bomb planted by Jack Teitel exploded on a solid oak table tearing a hole it it. Amiel's blood can be seen on the floor behind the table.

In Israel the first ever convicted Jewish terrorist who nearly killing a Messianic teen with a pipe bomb disguised as a Purim gift is requesting a leave of prison to attend his newborn son’s circumcision.

National Cathedral Presentation Sees No Islamic Evil

Apr 28th, 2015 | By
On November 14th, 2014 an Islamic prayer service was held at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. Islamic doctrine prohibits a Christian or Hindu service in a mosque

National Cathedral event had an ecumenical theme in which prayer implored the “Holy One” to unite Christians with “Muslim brothers and sisters” into “one loving people.” In the past actual Islamic prayer services have been held at the Cathedral which is Episcopal.

Jordanian MP: I Hate The Jews, I Hate The Jews, I Hate The Jews. They Are Worthy Of Hatred

Dec 3rd, 2014 | By

MP Khalil Attieh: “By Allah, it is an honor to incite against the Jews. It is a great accomplishment to provoke and incense them. Let us continue with similar decisions, because this is what the Jordanian people want. Our people in Palestine expect us to support them, and to recite Koranic verses for the souls of their martyrs. This is the very least we can do for the sake of those heroes, who defend the honor of the Arab nation.”

Jordan – A Fragile Oasis in a Desert Storm

Sep 2nd, 2014 | By
Can King Abdullah keep his nearly bankrupt nation intact with half the population refugees from conflict and ISIL at his doorstep?

Despite its peaceful appearance Jordan for now is a “leading supplier” and “net exporter of fighters” for jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria.  Most of these Jordanians have joined the Al Qaeda (AQ) affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra and the Jordanian military has clashed in the past with jihadists trying infiltrate across the Syrian border

Iraqi Writer: Hamas’ Actions In Gaza Are Like ISIS’ Actions

Sep 1st, 2014 | By

On August 22-23, 2014, shortly after Israel took out three senior Hamas officials, the movement executed over 20 Gaza residents accused of spying for Israel; some of the executions were public and the bodies were later dragged through the city streets. This incident, which evoked shock in the Arab and worldwide media, renewed the debate on Hamas’ character and even triggered comparisons between Hamas and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) organization in Iraq, which is known for committing atrocities, including beheadings, abductions and torture.

Chairman’s Report August 7 2014

Aug 7th, 2014 | By
Messianic Soldier Laid to Rest After Falling in Gaza

In this issue: Son of missionary David Ortiz serving in IDF in Gaza Strip / Christian  IDF member killed in Gaza / Russia and the persecuted Christians of the Middle East / William J. Murray to speak at two major conferences in Russia / Christmas for Refugees and Russia / France to accept Iraqi Christian Refugees

Al-Qaeda captures part of the Golan Heights

Apr 26th, 2014 | By

From the mouths of the Obama supported “rebels” fighting in Syria as they take control of a position in the Golan Heights overlooking Israel: “By Allah, this scene reminds us of the lion of Islam, Sheik of the mujahideen, Osama bin Laden.” … “The age of great wars began with the 9/11 attacks.”… “We are fighting the Zionist-Crusader alliance occupying Muslim countries.”

Chairman’s Report – February 21, 2014

Feb 22nd, 2014 | By

In This Issue: In February the Religious Freedom Coalition has been a part of several major Capitol Hill events which presented news from the Middle East that the Obama Administration and many in Congress do not want to hear. Chairman Murray met with the Syrian church leaders which Senator McCain later cursed during a congressional meeting.

Brandeis University Cancels Partnership With Arab University

Nov 21st, 2013 | By

Gary Bauer, who heads up the Campaign For Working Families reported yesterday on Brandeis University and its long-time partnership with Al Quds University in Jerusalem.

Al Quds is a school for Palestinian Arabs. According to Bauer, the partnership was founded in part by the Ford Foundation for promoting “peace and understanding.”

Chairman’s Report – July, 25, 2013

Jul 22nd, 2013 | By

IN THIS ISSUE: William J Murray speaks at religious freedom rally on Capitol Hill / Murray and Lela Gilbert discuss Saturday People, Sunday People, Religious liberty becoming a second tier freedom / Murray discusses Syria with congressmen / The Saudi evil Newspaper ad campaign