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Dec 19th, 2017 | By

Christmas for Refugees events celebrating the birth of Jesus have begun for 2017. Celebrations have already taken place in Nigeria, Lebanon and Iraq. Displaced Christian children have come together to have fun, games, songs and gifts along with programs that center on the true meaning of Christmas.

Chairman’s Report for December 4th, 2015

Dec 4th, 2015 | By

In this issue of the newsletter: Update: Christmas for Refugees program will meet goals for 2015 Update: Matching gift challenge met, enables Christmas program expansion New: Jihad in Paris: Was attack caused by Islam or global warming? New:  President Obama’s love for Christianity’s “sister religion” Christmas for Christian Refugees program begins soon             First Christmas events

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Obama Throws Christian Refugees To The Lions

Sep 28th, 2015 | By

The fate of those Iraqi Christians who had fled from the Islamic State only to be incarcerated in the United States has finally been decided by the Obama administration: they are to be thrown back to the lions, where they will likely be persecuted if not slaughtered like so many Iraqi Christians before them.

Christianity Doomed In Iraq, Say Experts

Jun 17th, 2015 | By

Is it now time for Christians to accept defeat in the face of the Islamic State group’s genocidal onslaught in Iraq, and admit that our faith has no viable future – in the short term, at least – in that country? Certainly – and sadly – that’s the message that is increasingly being heard from experts.

Experts: Iraq Christians are on the “Edge of Extinction”

May 22nd, 2015 | By

In 2003 Christians numbered 1.5 million. that number today has dwindled to as few as 200,000. Congressman Wolf stated under the genocidal assaults of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) the Christian community “is facing extinction if the current trajectory remains.”

Displaced Iraqi Christians Ponder An Iraq Without Christians

Dec 31st, 2014 | By

As he drove across the bridge, slowly following other cars, the scene unfolding around the pastor was complete chaos. In the distance he could hear mortar rounds hitting their targets as hundreds of other displaced people streamed by one side of his car with whatever they could carry on their backs and hold in their arms. On the other side, terrified Iraqi soldiers were sprinting across the bridge as they stripped off their uniforms and threw their weapons to the ground.

Hundreds Of Iraqi Christians Gather In Toronto Over Islamic State Massacres

Aug 4th, 2014 | By

Since conquering the northern cities of Mosul and Tikrit in Iraq, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has become one of the most feared jihadist organizations, seeking to create an Islamic state in eastern Syria and northern Iraq based on Shariah law. After taking Mosul, the group gave Christians three options: convert, pay a hefty tax or be killed. Most of the Christians — a minority group in Iraq — have chosen instead to flee, many to a self-ruled Kurdish region.

Iraqi Christians Live In Fear Of ISIS Terrorists

Jul 15th, 2014 | By

Der Speigel recently ran a feature describing the horrific plight of Christians living in Iraq. The German paper tells the story of Salam who lives in the city of Qaraqosh. According to Salam: “Iraq is disintegrating. And we will lose — regardless whether we belong to the Arabs or the Kurds in the end.” When asked why he thinks that, he responds, “If we remain aligned with Baghdad, then nothing will change in Qaraqosh. There won’t be any streets, work or hope.” And what would happen if the city were to shift its allegiance to Kurdistan? “Then we might get streets, but in exchange we would slip into renewed conflict just as soon as the Iraqi army were to attempt to reconquer the oil city of Kirkuk from the Kurds.”

New Year’s Eve, 2010 – Washington, DC

Dec 31st, 2010 | By
Terrorists are just folks too

Obama wants to help the “folks” at Gitmo / Eric Cantor promises congressional stability /Elton John just gay about his new baby / CPAC goes gay-er / Time Magazine explains how global warming caused the Christmas blizzard / Rauf the Ground zero mosque man takes his show on the road / Egypt jails Christians for Christmas while more than 80 are killed for Christmas in Nigeria / More Christmas persecution of Christians in Iraq

Chairman’s Report for December 22, 2010

Dec 22nd, 2010 | By
Pastor Wilson Augustine

Issue highlights: Pakistani pastor set on fire, Mayor Bloomberg sued over Ground Zero mosque. Obama the messiah has no crown and he doesn’t know the national motto. Congressional liberals go down in flames. The Justice Department sues a school to give a Muslim teacher special rights. More international