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Video: What does it profit America to sell arms to the enemies of freedom?

Jan 23rd, 2013 | By

William J Murray’s powerful expose of the the sale of weapons by the West to Islamic forces that conquered Constantinople, attacked Europe and now threaten Israel. Lenin was right, the capitalists will sell the enemy the very rope which will be used to hang themselves. For centuries the West has sold the weapons to Muslim forces to violate human rights and enslave entire nations.

Report From Washington – January 4, 2013

Jan 4th, 2013 | By
Al Gore hatred brings tears

In this issue: Obama rejects “freedom of conscience” for military chaplains / NBC admits censorship of election news / Terror cleric link to 9-11 known by FBI for years / 113th Congress sworn in / 20% of House Members new / 14 new Senators / Al Gore sells TV network to Islamists, takes oil money / F-35’s to Turkey and F-16’s to Egypt / Egypt’s Morsi previously called for war on Israel / Christian beheaded in Syria / Fatwa says rape only women over 14 in Syria / Muslims attack American Jew in Venice