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ISIS ‘Blows Up Three Men Tied To Roman Columns’ In Palmyra

Oct 30th, 2015 | By

ISIS has executed three captives by binding them to ancient columns in Palmyra and blowing them up, a monitoring group has said. The killings, which appear to be ISIS’ latest method of execution, happened on Monday afternoon at the Palmyra archaeological site a few miles from the city.

Egyptian Writer: Muslim History Is Rife With ISIS-Style Executions; Adopting Enlightenment Is The Only Weapon Against Such Brutality

Sep 2nd, 2015 | By
Islamic Art

I do not understand why, after every perverted [act of] execution carried out by ISIS, most Muslims insist that these actions have nothing to do with Islam. After all, Muslim history is rife with terrifying forms of execution, similar or even identical to those used by ISIS. I am not talking of executions motivated by revenge, such as the crucifixion of Al-Khallaj,[2] the killing of Suhrawardi,[3] or the slaughter of Ibn Al-Muqaffa.[4] [Nor am I speaking of] the mutilation of dead bodies, such as the practice of displaying the heads of decapitated [victims], which was invented by the Umayyad [caliphs].