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One Allah Akbar flag removed, another raised over church: Christians still live under Sharia Law

Nov 16th, 2016 | By

One Allah Akbar flag removed, another raised over church: This photo of the Iraqi national flag being raised over a church in the Christian town of Bartella, Iraq when the town was liberated from the Islamic State (ISIS) in October appeared in newspapers and major Internet news sites all over the world. Many news agencies

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Europe Is At Risk of Lone Wolf Attacks

Oct 24th, 2016 | By

A recent report found that each week, at least one refugee in Europe is suspected of being radicalized by the Islamic State. Fears of lone wolf attacks in Europe have increased since this report revealed refugees at reception centers are impersonating ISIS fighters and welcoming execution videos. In November 2015, Denmark’s Immigration Minister demanded that

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Ex-Imam: Islamists Run All Danish Mosques

Aug 28th, 2013 | By
New Danish mosque to tower over other buidlings

The truth is that there is not a single mosque or Muslim organization in Denmark that is not run by Islamists. As soon as you enter the house of the believers, you are met with Islamism whether you want it or not. As soon as you become a devoted Muslim, you are infected by extremism.