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Why Is Congressman Mike Rogers Speaking At Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Group?

May 29th, 2014 | By

Frank Gaffney, head of the Center for Security Policy (CSP) is urging Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI) to remove himself as a keynote speaker at an awards dinner to honor Muslims Faisal Rauf and his wife Daisy Khan. The dinner is being hosted by the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy (ICRD), which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Report from Washington – April 1, 2011

Apr 1st, 2011 | By

In this issue: Obama backs fraudulent election in Africa / Is the US in or out, or maybe part of or not — Libyan war? / Senator Durbin’s “I love Islam” show in the Senate / International Religious Freedom Caucus in the House / Republicans finally target the left’s pet projects / WOW .. the GOP discovers that AARP sells insurance? / Pro-family students attacked on campus / A Jewish museum a few feet from the Ground Zero mosque / Daisy Khan says forget the mosque part / Libyan rebel leader fought US in Iraq / Bangladesh girl whipped to death because she was raped / Wilders tells the truth in Rome