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Live Nativity on Capitol Hill

Dec 8th, 2016 | By

Religious Freedom Coalition Chairman, William Murray, took part in the annual Live Nativity on Capitol Hill put on by Faith and Action, a Christian outreach to top-level government officials located in Washington, DC. The Live Nativity displays the true meaning of Christmas for all in DC to see. Two live camels, a donkey, sheep and

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Christmas for Refugees Matching Fund Challenge

Nov 4th, 2016 | By
At this Christmas event north of Beirut one of the youngest girls began to cry when it was time to leave. At one point all chairs were stacked for the children to be able to play various organized games.

Christmas for Refugees now on countdown Benefactor steps forward again with major challenge: For the second year in a row, one generous man has stepped forward to help fund the Christmas for Refugees program. The benefactor’s help was not solicited, but rather his big heart and desire to see Christmas for Refugees not only fully

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RFC Chairman Participates in Live Nativity

Dec 5th, 2015 | By

Religious Freedom Coalition chairman William J. Murray participated in a live Nativity sponsored by Faith and Action on the steps of the Supreme Court and at the Capitol Building. He and other leaders in the Washington faith community read the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ aloud at several sites

Attacks By Islamic Extremists In Nigeria Leave At Least 28 Christians Dead

Jan 5th, 2015 | By

Muslim Fulani gunmen on Friday (Jan. 2) killed 15 Christians in an area of Kaduna state where 10 others were killed on Dec. 27, ending a week of violence in Nigeria in which at least 28 died.

Senator-Elect James Lankford Gives Religious Freedom Address For GOP

Dec 26th, 2014 | By

“Americans honor and respect each other’s faith, and we honor those that choose to have no faith. Under our freedom, no one is silenced because of their religious belief. For the millions of Americans, like my family, who believe that there is a creator God who can be known personally, Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ offer of love and forgiveness for all people.”

Christmas Season Brings Christianity Under Renewed Attack In India

Dec 24th, 2014 | By

“Christians in India are apprehensive of having a peaceful Christmas amid this wave of attacks as the right-wing groups are also becoming more aggressive in their mass conversion program that is taking place in different parts of India,” the Rev. Bhupendra Kohra, a church leader in central India, told Morning Star News. “We are fearful but we are praying.”

Iran Frees Four Evangelical Christians

Dec 23rd, 2014 | By

Four Iranian evangelical Christians were free Sunday, December 21, after they were unexpectedly released from prison ahead of Christmas, but many other believers remained detained, several Iranian Christians confirmed.

University Of Maine Won’t Ban Candy Canes From Christmas Decorations

Dec 15th, 2014 | By

The University of Maine recently got unwanted attention for issuing an edict that banned all decorations that might be considered religious – including candy canes, Christmas trees, wreaths, and Christmas presents.

First Christmas Event Held For Refugee Children in Lebanon

Dec 14th, 2014 | By

On December 6th the first Christmas dinner for one hundred Christian refugee children was held in Beirut, Lebanon. The next two dinners will be held in Lebanon on in mid-month. The remaining nine planned banquets will be held Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley

Chairman’s Report October 29, 2014

Nov 4th, 2014 | By

In this issue: Religious Freedom Coalition chairman William J. Murray announced that plans for thousands of Christmas dinners of Christian refugee children were on schedule / Christmas dinner program may expand / Post Card program to Congress demanding a stop to funding for Sunni Islamist fighters in Iraq and Syria be stopped / The I Stand Sunday program to stop repression of pastors in Houston was a great success