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Christian Persecution Increases In Middle East

Apr 11th, 2017 | By

The world has a disturbing way of moving past its most glaring and persistent crises, but Hussam cannot move on, because he and his family are stuck in a refugee camp. Once a young professional with a promising career in one of Iraq’s largest cities, Hussam was forced to flee his home with his family.

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How Prince Charles Is Helping Christians in the Middle East

Apr 4th, 2017 | By

According to Daily Mail, Prince Charles is so concerned about persecuted Christians in the Middle East that he has privately funded support groups there and invited refugees to his homes. According to reports, Prince Charles has given a generous donation to the charity, Aid to the Church in Need, which helps Christians fleeing the Middle

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Christian Father Killed In India For Faith In Christ

Mar 13th, 2017 | By

NEW DELHI, INDIA (BosNewsLife)– A Christian father in eastern India has died after he and his wife were forced by angry villagers to spent the night in frigid water because they refused to deny their faith in Jesus Christ, BosNewsLife learned Sunday March 12. Upset that his family had left their indigenous religion, tribal residents

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Secret Christian Movement Grows in Iran

Mar 10th, 2017 | By

The number of Muslim converts risking prison or death by secretly worshipping as Christians in Iran’s house church movement has grown close to 1 million people according to watchdog groups. Pars Theological Center, based in London, is training at least 200 Iranian Christians to become the next generation of Iran’s Christian leaders, according to the

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Tunisian Authorities Promise to Rebuild Christian Cemetery

Mar 7th, 2017 | By

Tunisian authorities have promised to restore a Christian cemetery that has been abandoned since the 2011 revolution and become a target of tomb-raiders. The governor, Omar Mansour, had visited the cemetery and saw that around 20 tombs had been opened and a part of the cemetery wall was destroyed. He ordered measures to protect the

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Will 2017 Be The End of Christian Persecution?

Jan 4th, 2017 | By

Release International issued a new warning about persecution of Christians around the world in 2017. The greatest area of concern continues to be the Islamic world, where Christians are persecuted by both extremist groups and state governments. In 2016, it was reported that at least 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith across the globe.

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Muslims Target Christians in German Refugee Centers

Oct 19th, 2016 | By

A recent survey conducted by several NGOs, shows Christian asylum seekers, and members of other religious minorities, living in refugee shelters in Germany encounter systematic persecution every day from both Muslim refugees and Muslim staff. According to the survey, as many as 743 Christian refugees and 10 Yazidis refugees living in refugee centers across Germany

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US to Send More Aid to Iraq to Recapture Mosul

Sep 28th, 2016 | By

The Pentagon has confirmed that the United States will provide about 600 more troops to Iraq to “advise and provide logistical support” to the Iraqi Army as they try to recapture the city of Mosul from the Islamic State. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a statement that Barack Obama “was consulted on a

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Iraqi Christian Refugee Denied Asylum from the UK

Sep 20th, 2016 | By

In an interview with Russian Today, Sarmad Ozan, a 25-year-old former deacon of a church in Mosul, Iraq, explained that the British Home Office denied him asylum and wanted to send him back to Iraq, where he believes he will die because he is a Christian. Ozan left Mosul in June 2014 when ISIS took

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Congressman Dave Brat introduces 2 Homeland Security anti-terrorism bills

Sep 3rd, 2016 | By

Press Release from Congressman Dave Brat about his new Religious Freedom International Reciprocity Enhancement (FIRE) Act: ***************************************************************************** Rep. Brat introduces 2 Homeland Security anti-terrorism bills In the wake of the horrific terrorist attack in Nice, Rep. Dave Brat introduced two bills in order to better protect the U.S. homeland from the threat of radical Islamist

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