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Senate Prepares for Vote on Saudi Arms Sale

Sep 21st, 2016 | By

***Update: As of September 21, the Senate approved the sale of military equipment in a vote of 71 to 27 despite bipartisan efforts made by Rand Paul and Chris Murphy.   This week the Senate is gearing up for a vote on the joint resolution that aims to block the $1.15 billion sale of military

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One-Third of Saudi Air Raids in Yemen Target Civilian Sites

Sep 21st, 2016 | By
Saudi terror

Research conducted by the Yemen Data Project found that more than one-third of all Saudi led air raids on Yemen have hit civilian sites including schools, hospitals, markets, mosques and economic infrastructures. These findings contradict claims made by the Saudi government that they are seeking to minimize civilian casualties. Saudi Arabia, a US ally, challenged

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Learning from Barack and Hillary’s Libyan Adventure

Feb 4th, 2016 | By

…A chaotic post-Gaddafi “Libya is today a central nexus for training and equipping jihadists across the Middle East,” notes Hoekstra. Along with shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles, “Islamic terrorists almost surely got their hands on the remnants of Gaddafi’s chemical weapons arsenal.” Libya exemplifies how Obama has “thrown out dictators only to embrace far worse. American foreign policy has been turned upside-down.”

The plight of displaced Iraqi Christians who fled to Kurdish areas

Oct 6th, 2015 | By

A first hand report from Iraq By William J. Murray, Chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition: (Erbil, Iraq) Dozens of skeletons of large multi-story buildings rising above the streets in Ankawa and Erbil, Iraq, are now home to Christians fleeing the Islamic State. Not so long ago construction was booming in the Erbil area, which

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Washington Times: Obama secretly backing Muslim Brotherhood

Jun 5th, 2015 | By
Obama Clinton and the Muslim Brotherhood

President Obama and his administration continue to support the global Islamist militant group known the Muslim Brotherhood. A White House strategy document regards the group as a moderate alternative to more violent Islamist groups like al Qaeda and the Islamic State. The policy of backing the Muslim Brotherhood is outlined in a secret directive called Presidential Study Directive-11

In Defense of Christians Conference Struggles to Identify Friends and Foes

Sep 19th, 2014 | By
An ISIL fighter proudly displays his new Christian "bride." Thank you Mr. Obama.

The In Defense of Christian conference participants demonstrated that “Middle Eastern Christians are divided by a complicated tangle of local alliances which invariably fail to protect them, but do manage to divide them.” Europe and the USA are “helping” persecuted Christians by destroying secular governments and installing Islamic states. Death, slavery and martyrdom is the Middle East Christian identity in the 21st Century

AG Eric Holder Resurrects ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Committee

Jun 9th, 2014 | By
President Obama and Eric Holder only uphold laws they agree with

Attorney General Eric Holder, a Clinton-era operative who worked in Janet Reno’s corrupt Justice Department, has recently resurrected the “Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee.”

This committee will concern itself with ferreting out “right wing” groups considered to be terrorist organizations.

Congressman Devin Nunes Seeks Truth On Benghazi Terrorist Attack

Jan 20th, 2014 | By

California Congressman Devin Nunes was on “The Kelly File” last week to discuss the Muslim terrorist attack on our facility in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

Nunes was on to respond to the latest Senate report on Benghazi that clearly reveals that the Obama Administration knew the attack was an Al Qaeda-linked assault on the facility  — where four men – including our U.S. Ambassador was killed.

Obama Wants You To Thank His God – Government

Nov 27th, 2013 | By

Every totalitarian movement from the Jacobins to the Bolsheviks to the National Socialists saw religion as competition for the loyalty of the people and an obstacle to their agenda. That’s why they invested so heavily in anti-religion campaigns. Obama is more subtle – telling us that God has little, if anything, to do with our lives, but any success we achieve we owe to the collective.

Indonesia Christians Sentenced For Evangelism

Oct 4th, 2013 | By
Photo of the August 2nd court proceedings against Kashfi Rosyid and Jalaudin where they were sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Two Christians sentenced to jail for “evangelism” as rights activists express concerns that President Obama, who spent part of his childhood in the country, has lauded Indonesia as a model of religious tolerance. Obama will not assist persecuted Christians, but he will send arms to radical Muslims in Libya, Egypt and Syria.