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Report From Washington – February 15, 2013

Feb 15th, 2013 | By

In this issue: Rubio’s response to Obama / Ft. Hood hero says “Obama betrayed us” / Obama stunned at Prayer Breakfast / McCain rationalizes the arming of Islamists / Moveguide Gala / Violence prooves the weakness of Islam / UK: Moderate mosque hosts fund raiser for terrorist / Germany: churches converted to mosques / Thailand: 16 Muslims die attacking army base


UK “moderate” mosque hosts fund raiser to free terrorist

Feb 11th, 2013 | By
Wanted poster before her arrest and conviction

The largest mosque in the UK is to hold a fundraising rally in support of Aafia Siddiqui who is serving 86 years for the attempted murders of US soldiers and FBI agents in Afghanistan five years ago. The raly will include speeches from Islamic extremists including Shakeel Begg, who was recorded in 2006 urging British students to “wage jihad in Palestine.” The mosque has received $1.5 million from the UK government in support of its “moderate” programs.