Religious Freedom Coalition Ongoing Programs:

Diapers for Refugees:

Through this program, millions of diapers are distributed to displaced & persecuted Christian refugee families for their babies and toddlers each year. Disposable diapers are now delivered to families living in homes looted by the Islamic State. Adult diapers are supplied to special needs adult refugees and IDP’s in Jordan and Iraq.

Christmas for Refugees:

The program provides Christmas celebrations for the children of Christian families who have been driven from their homes in several nations in the Middle East and Nigeria. Children enjoy singing, dancing, coloring contests, a warm meal and a gift that they can use during the cold weather, such as a hoodie or blanket. In 2018 programs were held for more than 20,000 children in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Nigeria.

Nigeria Outreach:

Support of an orphanage in Plateau State, Nigeria that houses Christian children whose families have been murdered by Islamic terrorist groups. In 2018 assistance included a new water system with new wells, a water tower, and modern sanitary facilities. Currently a farm project has begun to assist the children by supporting their food needs. Also, water pumps and other support was given to farming villages where massacres occurred, and aid was supplied to IDP camps in Benue State.

General Christian Refugee Aid:

IDP camps in northern Iraq have been supplied with diesel fuel and water. In Jordan a summer camp for Christian children has been supported for many years. The water system has been replaced, mattresses replaced, roofs replaced, a state-of-the-art water system installed, and new security systems and kitchen equipment furnished.

Capitol Hill Activities :

  • HR-390 Petition: In 2018, the Religious Freedom Coalition supported the Iraq and Syria Genocide Emergency Relief and Accountability Act (H.R. 390). Previously the Religious Freedom Coalition had assisted in the formation of the International Religious Freedom Commission. Meetings are held with congressmen, senators and the White House to promote religious freedom and to expose the abuse of Christians’ rights throughout the world.

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