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Iran Crackdown On Farsi-Speaking Christians

Jan 2nd, 2014 | By
Farsi-speaking Christians have been jailed or are banned from attending churches in Iran, local believers say.

Many Iranian Christians have been forced to usher in the New Year without a church service in their native language amid a government crackdown on Farsi-speaking Christians and congregations. The St. Peter Church in Tehran, the capital, was added to an “expanding list of churches” where Farsi-speaking Christians “are now allowed”

Death Penalty Order Deepens Hard-line Islamist Trend in Pakistan

Dec 31st, 2013 | By
Muslim mobs attack a Christian area of Lahore after blasphemy allegation. (Morning Star News, M. Ali)

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws calls for either death or life imprisonment for persons convicted of insulting Muhammad. The FSC has given the government a “couple of months” to implement, through parliament, the order to remove life imprisonment as a possible punishment.

Nigeria: Boko Haram attacks Christians – Eight dead at wedding party

Dec 30th, 2013 | By
Islamic murderers in Nigeria

The Islamist Boko Haram attacked Tashan Alede and Kwajjafa villages in a Christian area of Nigeria killing twelve. On Saturday in Tashan Alede  eight were killed at a wedding reception and then Sunday in Kwajjafa for more were killed. The continuing atrocities by Islamists in Nigeria are ignored by the Obama Administration.

Video: Children soldiers fighting with Obama supported FSA in Syria

Dec 27th, 2013 | By
Omran is one of the child soldiers of the Obama supported FSA

In a video made to recruit young children to fight for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) boys as young as 8-years-old with AK-47’s are interviewed. One cries as he is told a friend has been killed. One of the young boys in the video is ask why he is fighting. He responds: “By Allah, this is Jihad for the sake of Allah. For martyrdom.”

CAIR’s Christ: Muslim-Christian Common Denominator or (Deadly) Divider

Dec 25th, 2013 | By

CAIR’S Hooper’s “interfaith understanding” appeal should therefore recall Jesus’ injunction to the apostles sent “out like sheep among wolves”:  be “as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” The Jesus of Islam CAIR is marketing is not the Jesus of the Bible who came as Savior of mankind.

Devastating church bombing haunts Christmas in Peshawar

Dec 24th, 2013 | By

Although there are bombings of Christian churches by Muslims throughout the world every year a Google search can only find mainstream USA media reports of the Birmingham, Alabama church bombing more than 50 years ago. The liberal media can’t report on violence against a church unless it is a black church and a white man can be blamed

Christmas a day of terror for Christians in Iraq, say human rights groups

Dec 23rd, 2013 | By
Guards are seen protecting a church in a suburb of Baghdad in this February 2012 photo. Concrete walls are often put around churches for protection against terrorist attacks. (Open Doors)

Christians are afraid to put up a Christmas tree or other decorations, according to one Christian pastor in Iraq. Such displays of faith in an increasingly extremist nation can bring threats and violence, say human rights groups.

Obama: Enlarging his rule, shrinking the Constitution

Dec 21st, 2013 | By

The Obama Administration argues that by seeking profit, Hobby Lobby and all other businesses owned by Christian or Jewish families have forfeited their First Amendment rights. This is a part of Obam’s “freedom of worship” versus actual religious freedom. He believes faith must not be practiced outside the four walls of a church.

Mass murder in the Middle East is funded by our friends the Saudis

Dec 19th, 2013 | By
Smiles then, but none now

Donors in Saudi Arabia have notoriously played a pivotal role in creating and maintaining Sunni jihadist groups over the past 30 years. But, for all the supposed determination of the United States and its allies since 9/11 to fight “the war on terror”, they have showed astonishing restraint when it comes to pressuring Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies to turn off the financial tap that keeps the jihadists in business.

Saudi sentenced to 300 lashes, 4 yrs in jail after calling for constitutional monarchy

Dec 16th, 2013 | By
Smiles then, but none now

Various news agencies are reporting on a Saudi citizen who has been sentenced to 300 lashes and four years in jail for calling for a constitutional monarchy such as exists in the UK and Spain. No condemnation of the brutal sentence has been issued by any member of the U.S Congress or the White House.