Board Of Directors

Hugh Richeson Chairman 
Retired Attorney
Jasper, GA

Peggy Nienaber – Vice Chairman
Executive Director to DC Ministry, Liberty Counsel
Washington, DC

William J. Murray – Director
President, Religious Freedom Coalition
Author and Columnist
Washington, DC

Nancy M. Murray – Director
Treasurer,Religious Freedom Coalition
Washington, DC

Henry F. Cooper – Director
Chairman of the Board of High Frontier
North Augusta, South Carolina

Kenneth Timmerman – Director
Executive Director of  Foundation for Democracy in Iran
Investigative Reporter and NY Times best-selling Author
Fernandina Beach, Florida

Scott Cooper – Director
Farmer / Business owner and City Councilman
North Augusta, SC

Dave Sanders – Director
Engineering Manager
(Former officer U.S. Navy – Graduation of Navel Academy)
Fredericksburg, VA


William J. Murray – President
Nancy M. Murray – Treasurer
Mandy Marlowe – Secretary