About RFC

The Religious Freedom Coalition is a non-profit organization which advocates in Washington, D.C. for the defense and preservation of America’s Christian heritage.  It began in response to the fact that the laws and religious heritage of the U.S. have been under attack for the last several decades, by those who would fundamentally change our government and society.  By such means as direct interaction with lawmakers, letters, phone calls and petition campaigns, the Religious Freedom Coalition seeks to be the voice of conservative Americans who honor God and hold to our traditional values.  An important part of our mission is to inform the public about current legislative issues.

The Religious Freedom Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible. Complete financial information including compensation of officers; details of program services and the current tax return of the Religious Freedom Coalition can be found at GuideStar.org 


The RFC supports and advocates for laws which:

(1)  As the First Amendment guarantees, allow freedom of religious expression in the form of voluntary public prayer and acknowledgement of our Creator, as well as the display of religious symbols and portions of Scripture such as the Ten Commandments.  We believe that pastors, priests, and rabbis should be free to preach and teach about any portion of Scripture or moral issue without intimidation or retribution.

(2)  Promote the defense of innocent human life from conception until natural death.  We oppose all efforts to aid or encourage public school students to have abortions, to force taxpayers to fund abortions, to destroy embryos through medical research, or to promote assisted suicide or the intentional killing of those who are disabled or terminally ill.

(3)  Acknowledge that marriage is between one man and one woman, that the family is the basic unit of society, and that parents have a God given right to rear and educate their own children free of unwarranted government interference.

(4)  Promote the dignity of the ancient church founded by the Saints which is under attack throughout the Middle East


The Religious Freedom Coalition advocates with Congress and the State Department for the rights and protection of Christians in the Middle East, in particular in areas where American foreign policy has directly led to difficulties for Christian populations.

An unintended consequence of the Iraq War was lawlessness and destruction of civil order resulting in Christian communities being left defenseless and at the mercy of Islamic terrorists. As a result at least 60 percent of Iraq’s Christians, several hundred thousand people, fled as refugees to other nations, primarily Jordan and Syria. Those same Christian refugees who fled Iraq for Syria now find themselves under attack from the Islamist rebels supported by the Administration of Barack Obama.

As Christians now flee from both Iraq and Syria to Jordan the Religious Freedom Coalition assists them through associated organization in Amman, Jordan. Direct medical and other aid is supplied to Christian refugees in Jordan. The number in need is tremendous and is ignored by the Western media and the Obama Administration which favors the Muslim Brotherhood. The Religious Freedom Coalition advocates for recognition of the problems of Christian refugees with congressmen and Senators.

The Religious Freedom Coalition also works for the rights of Christians in Palestinian Authority controlled Gaza Strip “West Bank.”  The United States pressured Israel to cede control of Bethlehem ad other Christian areas to the Palestinian Authority under the Clinton Administration.  As a result the Christians, who had been the majority population in Bethlehem since the first century, were forced to emigrate to other countries in large numbers. Those who are left behind face many pressures and difficulties.  The Religious Freedom Coalition provides financial assistance to Christian schools and other ministries in the Bethlehem area.

Write to us at PO Box 77511, Washington, DC 20013 or use contact form


William J. Murray is the chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition in Washington, DC. For more than three decades Murray has been at the forefront of social conservatism. During the early 1980’s he served as director of Freedom’s Friends, an organization which reached out to the victims of communism worldwide. In the 1990’s he founded the first commercial Bible publishing company in the Soviet Union. For many years his organizations operated evangelistic tours to the Soviet Union for Christians.

As the Soviet Union collapsed and the “stans” were released from Communist rule William Murray warned of a coming great Islamic Jihad against the secular West. On September 11th he was driving past the Pentagon on his way to a news conference supporting the Sudan Peace Act when American 77 crashed into that building. Before the end of September Murray ran ads in national newspapers pointing out that there was no distinguishable difference between the Saudi and Taliban governments.

From his office in Washington, DC, William J. Murray continues to work for the rights of Christians in America and persecuted Christians around the world. Under his guidance the Religious Freedom Coalition assists Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria as well as Palestinian Christian families and Christian schools in the West Bank. He has traveled to the Middle East and Africa numerous times. Murray has been a part of fact finding mission in such areas as Kosovo, Sudan, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and China.
William J. Murray also directs the Christmas for Refugees program which conducts Christmas dinners for Christian refugee children from Iraq and Syria.

William J. Murray has appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC nightly news as well as  various Fox News programs. He is a regular guest on numerous radio talk shows.  Murray also speaks at numerous conferences and church events each year. He is the author of seven books including his best selling autobiography, My Life Without God, detailed his childhood in the dysfunctional home of atheist/Marxist leader Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

Write to William J. Murray at PO Box 77511, Washington, DC 20013 or use contact form