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The Forgotten Assyrian Christians

As with the Kurds, the Assyrians are also a distinct ethnic group, although not treated as such by the West despite their rather high-profile history during Old Testament times. In 721 B.C., the Assyrians captured Samaria and essentially ended the northern kingdom of Israel, carrying off the Israelites as slaves. Later the Assyrians laid siege to Jerusalem.


Faith, Freedom, and Fanaticism in the Middle East

Millions of Muslims “are looking for a way out of their misery,” Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia (CDHR) President Executive Director Ali Alyami stated at a July 17 Washington, DC, panel.  Yet the Saudi dissent Alyami’s discussed with his fellow panelists including William Murray of the Religious Freedom Coalition only emphasized how difficult an escape from this misery for Muslims and non-Muslims alike would be.


Syrian Christians killed by Obama’s Islamist friends

William J. Murray explores the attacks on the majority Christian city of Jaramana, Syria by the Islamists “rebels’ supported by President Barack Obama. Less than one week after Murray appeared on the Mike Huckabee Show to discuss this article another car bomb exploded in Jaramana killing eighteen including three children.


Chairman’s Report October 14, 2014

Senate staff said they were “surprised” by the number of cards and letters received from Americans protesting against arming “moderate” Islamists in Syria / The $500 million Congress authorized for Obama’s Sunni fighters in Syria was NOT our tax money / Saudi Arabia now paying the United States to train its mercenary army in Syria / There was a hard fought attempt to stop the funding of the so called Free Syrian Army in both the House and the Senate


The Chairman’s Report For August 17, 2018

In this issue of the newsletter / Landmark events held in Washington for religious freedom / We participate The State Department and religious freedom – A new beginning? / Diapers for Refugees program continues in Iraq.  What about Syria? /  Christmas for Refugees program begins planning in Lebanon and Iraq


Chairman’s Report For April 12, 2017

In this issue of the newsletter: Postcards to Congress Campaign – Victory as HR- 390 passes committee / Visits with congressmen and Senators increase to support HR-390 / Diapers for Refugees program delivery in March – feminine products added / Did Assad, already winning a war, use a weapon of desperation?


Chairman’s Report for October 7, 2016

In this issue of the newsletter: Tide may be turning against Christians in “moderate” Jordan / Well known Christian writer and spokesman assassinated in Amman / More Sunni Muslim immigration and not just from Syria – Africa as well / New bills in House and Senate would help Christian refugees immigrate


Congressional Campaign to Stop Funding Terror

U.S. support for “moderate” rebels in Syria has put weapons in the hands of Islamic militant groups that are targeting Christians. Even though some of these groups have a great sounding name (i.e. Free Syrian Army) they often funnel weapons to groups that kill Christians just because of their faith. Furthermore, the great majority of […]


Chairman’s Report for February 26, 2016

In this issue of the newsletter: Our ministry partner in Iraq visits congressional and Senate offices / Meeting the Speaker of the House – Telling the Speaker the truth / Postcards to Congress campaign expands -No more guns to Islamic fighters / Diapers for Iraqi Christian refugee babies and other aid program updates