Can Ambassador Sam Brownback bring sanity to State?

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  Senate Democrats fought hard to derail the appointment of Governor Sam Brownback as Ambassador for International Religious Freedom.  They were angry with him because as Senator, he voted for the same Defense of Marriage Act that President Bill Clinton signed into law.  Since then the tide in the Democrat Party has turned to the point it seems that, regardless of qualifications, any nominee’s record on “gay rights” is the deciding factor in whether or not he will be approved for a position.

In the end, the Senate vote was a tie of 49-49, with all Democrats (even the “moderates”)  voting against this good man whom I have known for decades.  The hatred against him is due to his outspoken Christian faith and values.  Vice President Pence had to rush over to the Senate to cast the vote that broke the tie and allowed the confirmation of Ambassador Brownback.

Some history on Sam Brownback:  On that horrible day of the 9/11 attack, I was on my way to a press conference in support of the Sudan Peace Act sponsored by Senator Sam Brownback and Senator Bill Frist.  This bill, which the Bush Administration opposed, would have punished the Sudan for genocide of Christians in the South.

Senator Sam Brownback and William J. Murray hold up "In God We Trust" cake to celebrate passage of National Motto Resolution (2006)

Senator Sam Brownback and William J. Murray hold up “In God We Trust” cake to celebrate passage of National Motto Resolution (2006)

The press conference of course had to be called off.  It was only one example of my work with and support for Senator Brownback.  Along with Peggy Nienaber, who was the RFC Legislative Director at the time, I continued for many years to work with Senator Brownback, not only on the Sudan Peace Act, but also on his other projects to help persecuted Christians through the Senate Values Action Team, of which he was chairman.

None of the social conservatives on Capitol Hill, including myself, have forgotten the numerous victories for our agenda while Senator Brownback was in office.  The entire social conservative community on Capitol Hill was saddened when he departed Washington to become governor of Kansas.

I personally recruited Senator Roy Blunt to replace Senator Brownback as chair of the Senate Values Action Team.  Senator Blunt did take over, but then, unexpectedly and unfortunately, he decided to drop the international issues that were so important to Sam Brownback and myself, and instead focused solely on domestic policies.

Now Sam Brownback is back in Washington, this time in the State Department.  His official title is United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom.  This can be a powerful position if used properly by the right person.  Ambassador Sam Brownback is someone who can make a difference at the State Department.


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