President Trump Nominates Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback To Religious Liberty Post

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By: Frank York

Last week, President Trump announced that he has picked Kansas Governor Sam Brownback to become the ambassador-at-large for the international religious freedom at the State Department.

Brownback is a long-time friend of the First Amendment when he served in the Senate. He was largely responsible for the passage of the International Religious Freedom Act in 1998, which promotes religious freedom as a foreign policy of the United States.

The chairman of the United States Commission On International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), Daniel Mark, praised Trump’s choice.

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According to Mark:

The Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom is a vital post and Gov. Brownback is an outstanding choice for it. The person who fills this position will be America’s primary voice for the freedom of religion abroad and Gov. Brownback has impressive qualifications in this area. The Ambassador-at-Large also plays a key role in USCIRF’s work as an ex officio member of the Commission, so we look forward to working with him.

As the USCIRF notes:

While in the Senate, Gov. Brownback consistently supported religious freedom and human rights for all, serving as co-chair of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus.  His record included: legislation condemning Iran for its treatment of Baha’is; sanctions on Vietnam for human rights abuses; legislation to protect religious communities in Russia; and actions providing for humane treatment of immigrant detainees. In addition, he was a key sponsor of the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act that established USCIRF and the State Department’s Office of International Religious Freedom.

In May 2000, then Sen. Brownback chaired a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing to review the first USCIRF annual report. He described an atmosphere that was more open to a public discussion of religious freedom. He added that he hoped it was not a “cyclical thing, but rather something…on a trajectory toward growth, that we recognize this most fundamental of human rights.”

President Trump has made an excellent choice for Sam Brownback to become ambassador-at-large. We hope his confirmation hearing will be swift. Leftists in the Senate and the “gay” lobby despise Brownback for his defense of religious liberty and the traditional family. The smears against him will be relentless. Keep him in your prayers.


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