Saudi Arabia Sentences Man to Death for Renouncing Islam

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Many non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia are active on social media where they anonymously criticize Islam while “maintaining an outward show of Islamic values in public.”

Ahmad Al Shamira, a man in his 20s from the town of Hafar al-Batin, was first picked up by Saudi authorities in 2014 after he uploaded a video showing men and women dancing. He was charged with atheism and blasphemy. He was recently sentenced to death for uploading a video in which he renounces Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.

This isn’t the first time the Saudi government has violated its citizens’ basic human rights.

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In 2016, a man was sentenced to 10 years in jail and 2,000 lashes on charges similar to Al Shamira’s:

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man to ten years in prison and 2,000 lashes for expressing his atheism on Twitter.

The 28-year-old reportedly refused to repent, insisting what he wrote reflected his beliefs and that he had the right to express them.

The hardline Islamic state’s religious police in charge of monitoring social networks found more than 600 tweets denying the existence of Allah, ridiculing Koranic verses, accusing all prophets of lies and saying their teaching fuelled hostilities.

Saudi Arabia is a member of the UN Human Rights Council until 2019.


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