U.S. Supports Saudi’s War In Yemen – Hospitals Bombed, Children Killed

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Saudi terror

A girl stands on the rubble of a house destroyed by a Saudi-led airstrike in Sanaa, Yemen, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)

The Trump Administration, with Defense Secretary James Mattis, are working with the Saudis in their bombing campaign in Yemen. The Saudi attacks have repeatedly hit civilian targets, killing men, women and children.

According to a report in RT:

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition in Yemen, backed by the UK, must be put on a UN violations list for repeated attacks on medical facilities and violating the rights of children, a new report says.

The report, by Save the Children and Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict, documents a series of deadly coalition-led attacks on hospitals and medics over the past two years.

UK tracking 257 possible Saudi war crimes in Yemen

In one case, two infants in incubators died from a lack of oxygen after a pediatric hospital in the capital Sanaa was damaged in a coalition airstrike.

More than 160 attacks have been carried out by parties to the conflict throughout Yemen, the report says, including the damaging of medical facilities through airstrikes, occupation and looting of hospitals, and extortion, detention and killing of medical staff.

The conflict has forced more than half of Yemen’s medical facilities out of action, leading to the “near collapse of the country’s already fragile healthcare system.” The report says those that remain face severe shortages of medicine and equipment in the face of a maritime block imposed by the coalition.

“In the past two years, an increase in conflict and targeted attacks on medical facilities and personnel have led to more children directly injured, suffering and dying from preventable conditions, including acute malnutrition, acute respiratory infections and diarrheal disease.”

Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama got us involved in the Yemen conflict. The mess they have created lives on in the Trump Administration – and millions have suffered for it.


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