ISIS Militants Disguised as Iraqi Police Slaughter 31 People

Apr 6th, 2017 | By | Category: News Posts

The “modern” Iraqi army funded by the U.S.

Islamic State militants posed as Iraqi police officers, slaughtering 31 people and wounded 40 in an attack in Tikrit in northern Iraq.

According to Ireland’s, the militants first targeted a police checkpoint and then the house of a police colonel who was the head of the counter-terrorism services. They later turned their fire on civilians in nearby shops.

When they ran out of ammunition, two of the Islamic State jihadists detonated suicide vests.

Babies of Iraqi Christian refugees fleeing the Islamic State need diapers. Please help!

Reports state that the 10 jihadists gained entrance to the city by disguising themselves as Iraqi police officers and driving a police vehicle. It is believed that five of the militants survived and are in hiding.

Fourteen of the people killed in the attack were policemen, including the colonel who was killed with four other members of his family.


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