Bomb Blast in St. Petersburg Metro Kills 9 and Injures 20

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A suspected bomb blast inside a car of the St. Petersburg Metro system killed nine passengers and injured over 20 others. The entire transit system is currently shut down while the bomb squads and rescuers respond to the scene.

According to news reports, the explosion happened as the metro was traveling between the Tekhonologichesky Institut station and the Sennaya Ploshchad station.

“The preliminary casualty report on the St. Petersburg Metro blast is nine people killed and over 20 injured, some of them seriously,” the National Antiterrorism Committee said in a statement. “All the victims are receiving the necessary medical and psychological assistance.”

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RT reported:

The St. Petersburg governor’s office said there were as many as 50 victims in the incident, including 10 fatalities. Two of the injured have been taken for surgery while two others are being prepared for operation.

The city healthcare committee said 25 people have been brought to hospital in the wake of the blast, including one child.

An undetonated improvised explosive device (IED) was discovered by investigators at the Ploshchad Vosstaniya Station and defused by specialists, the NAC reported. It rejected media reports, which claimed that more than one explosion occurred, saying no evidence supporting this was found.

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented that “The causes of this event have not been determined yet, so it’s too early to talk about [possible causes]. The investigation will show. Certainly, we will consider all possibilities: common, criminal, but first of all of a terrorist nature.”

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