More Citizens of Saudi Arabia Joined Islamic State Than Any Other Country

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The Islamic State has made claims that key U.S. Middle East ally Saudi Arabia is the top provider of terrorists for the terrorist organization in Iraq.

Fox News reports that Saudi jihadists crossed into Iraq over the border that the country shares with both Turkey and Syria.

Fox News learned from unnamed Iraqi intelligence sources that jihadists from Saudi Arabia comprise nearly one-third of all ISIS terrorists in Iraq, saying that “Saudis comprise the largest single contingent of ISIS fighters, with Russian Chechens making up the second-largest contingent.” The sources also said “The Saudi presence in ISIS is very large. What we have left are mainly Iraqis and Saudis.”

The source added: “The Saudis make up a large number of suicide bombers, as they already have the ground work of radicalization installed in their minds from radical sheikhs in Saudi [Arabia]. And we’ve caught important ISIS commanders.”

Babies of Iraqi Christian refugees fleeing the Islamic State need diapers – Please help!

BreitBart reports:
“The report comes nearly a month after an article by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) revealed that President Donald Trump’s administration is considering forming a military alliance with major Middle East allies, including the Sunni Saudi kingdom, to combat Shiite Iran.

President Trump’s anti-Iran coalition would bring together Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.

The Sharia law-compliant kingdom Saudi Arabia is regarded as a hotbed and top global exporter of radical Islamic thought, namely the Sunni extremist ideology of Wahhabism, adhered to by ISIS and various other jihadists groups.

Saudi Arabia imposes extremely strict Islamic laws on its citizens.

‘Wahhabism was born in Saudi Arabia. Saudi is leading those extremist organizations like ISIS,’ an anonymous Iraqi official told Fox News. ‘They have high-ranking officials and fighters among their ranks. Saudi is nothing without U.S. protection; it is only a bite for Iran to eat.’

Saudi Arabia is currently part of the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and has also suffered attacks carried out by ISIS.




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