Tunisian Authorities Promise to Rebuild Christian Cemetery

Mar 7th, 2017 | By | Category: News Posts

Tunisian authorities have promised to restore a Christian cemetery that has been abandoned since the 2011 revolution and become a target of tomb-raiders.

The governor, Omar Mansour, had visited the cemetery and saw that around 20 tombs had been opened and a part of the cemetery wall was destroyed. He ordered measures to protect the cemetery, for ransacked tombs to be repaired and for a new guard to be recruited, according to local law official Ben Sghaier.

Sghaier said “The last burial was in 1999. Since the 2011 revolution, it has been left without maintenance and without supervision, allowing people to go in and open tombs.”

One woman, Samia Jendoubi, who lives near the cemetery and whose grandfather used to guard the site said: “People came here to drink (alcohol here. Sometimes we hear noises and when we come out to look, the clamber over the walls and run away.”

The Daily Star reports, “With insecurity on the rise since the revolution, both Christian and Muslim cemeteries have been targeted by looters.”


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