Lebanese Cleric Sheikh Bilal Duqmaq: ISIS Is Not All Bad

Feb 16th, 2017 | By | Category: News Posts

Babies of Iraqi Christian refugees fleeing the Islamic State need diapers – Please help!

In a Lebanese TV show, Sunni cleric Sheikh Bilal Duqmaq said that he “agreed with [ISIS] on some theories and religious matters.” The Al-Jadeed TV show took the form of an interrogation, in which the host brandished a toy pistol, aimed it at his guest, and questioned him: “Are you a killer? Yes or no?” When asked whether he considered ISIS a terror organization or an Islamic one, Duqmaq said that there is “commendable terrorism and reprehensible terrorism.” After the TV host handed him the toy pistol, he said: “When dealing with enemies of Allah, I prefer to shoot them in the head.” The show aired on February 1.



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