How Obama Turned His Back on Coptic Christians

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The Egyptian Coptic Christian community is the largest Christian community in the Middle East, representing more than half of the Christians in the area.

Similar to other Christians in the Middle East, Copts face persecution every day. As PJ Media reports, “The problem has been acute since the New Year’s Day bombing of the Two Saints Church in Alexandria in 2011 and was further inflamed by the fires of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ and Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt.”

According to research done by Patrick Poole from PJ Media, more Coptic Christians have been murdered in the past two months than the Obama administration admitted as refugees during the entire eight years of his presidency.

On December 11, 2016, 25 Coptic worshipers were killed when a suicide bomber blew up one of the churches inside the Coptic cathedral compound in Cairo. Almost all of those killed were women.

Since then, 4 more people died as a result of not recovering from injuries they sustained from the bombing, bringing the death toll total to 29 people.

On January 3, a Christian storekeeper was brutually murdered by a Muslim man because the store sold alcohol. Since that attack, four other Coptic Christians have been murdered in allegedly sectarian attacks.

In just December 2016 and January 2017, 34 Coptic Christians were murdered in Egypt. Coptic Christians have been targeted by radical Islamic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, whose supporters went on a “wave of arson attacks” that targeted churches, monasteries, Christian homes and businesses throughout Egypt.

According to data collected by PJ Media from the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center, only 22 Coptic Christians were admitted to the United States as refugees during Obama’s eight years of presidency.

In 2011, 2013 and 2014, not Coptic Christians were admitted at all.

As Poole reports:
“Testimonies of discrimination at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo are rife in the Coptic community. As I’ve previously reported, I was personally involved in several cases of Copts applying for visas to visit relatives in the U.S., some of whom had letters of support from members of Congress, yet all had their visa applications denied.”



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