German Migration Agency Wants to Fingerprint All Refugees to Combat Fraud

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80% of the Muslim “refugees” in Europe are young men.

In an effort to combat “benefit fraud” and the use of “cheat-identities,” Germany’s federal migration agency wants to create a requirement that all regional outlets fingerprint all asylum seekers despite the fact that they sometimes lack the resources needed to do this.

In a statement released by the Federal Migration and Refugee Office, they said it is already impossible to get away with using multiple identities on a federal level: “Asylum seekers are registered on the basis of their biometrical data, including fingerprints, and are given forgery-proof identity documents, the ‘arrival certificate.’”

However, the Federal Migration and Refugee Office believes the same levels of precaution need to be implemented on the regional level because local authorities should “likewise be aware of the applicants’ identities.”

RT reports:
“Julia Cordt, the federal agency’s recently appointed head, says regional immigration offices now need to take the initiative to fingerprint refugees and process biometric data as well. ‘They have to take the fingerprints of all people registering with them and compare the data with the central register,’ Cordt told Passauer Neue Presse.”

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According to Die Welt, more than 90 percent of Germany’s migration offices are unequipped to record biometric data.

Government officials in Germany have warned that the ongoing influx of refugees is negatively impacting the country’s welfare system and insist that the country’s asylum policy must be changed in order to alleviate some of the financial burden.

In early January, German Development Minister Gerd Mueller said; “[Our] population demands all-out registration and a standardized procedure for checking the identity of all refugees who have come to Germany over the past two years.”

He claimed there could be “tens of thousands of instances” of refugees registering multiple identities to claim more benefits, which would allow them to illegally collect “many millions” in welfare funds, According to RT, “Mueller also warned for the dire consequences for the society if the government fails to tackler the refugee issue in a proper way.”

RT reports: “cases of social benefit fraud and fake identities involving asylum seekers in the German state of Lower Saxony are estimated to have cost taxpayers up to €5 million (around $5.3 million), Duetsche Welle reports. The issue of multiple identities also came into the spotlight in December of last year, when it emerged that Anis Amri, a Tunisian suspect who rammed a cargo truck into a crowd at the Christmas market in Berlin, had used 14 aliases.”



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