Starbucks Hypocrisy

Feb 7th, 2017 | By | Category: News Posts

A Starbucks coffee shop in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, refused to serve women, the Infowars information website reported. However, Starbucks quickly denied the claim, saying that it was a “temporary” measure “during a store renovation.”

A message, posted outside the Starbucks in Riyadh, which read, “Please no entry for ladies only send your driver to order – thank you,” was posted on Twitter by a user with the name of Manar N.

According to Islamic guardianship laws in Saudi Arabia, women must be escorted by men if they wants to perform a number of tasks, including opening a bank account and voting. Women also are not allowed to drive a car in the country. reported:

“After the image began to go viral, Starbucks explained ‘that was a temporary sign during a store renovation,’ and noted that ‘this store now accommodates all customers in accordance with local law.’

However, as the website noted, there was no information whatsoever about a “renovation,” as well as no explanation how this would affect only women, in the message, posted outside the store.”

This controversy occurred after Starbucks made headlines in America for vowing to hire 10,000 refugees as a way of opposing President Trump’s current travel ban.

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