Iraqi Government Still Fails to Protect Persecuted Religious Minorities

Feb 6th, 2017 | By | Category: Weekly Washington Updates

In a recent TV interview, Yazidi Iraqi MP Vian Dakhil said that the Kurdish Regional Government had bought back 2,750 Yazidi women and children from ISIS, but that the Iraqi government had done little to support the effort. “Now let’s see what the [Iraqi] government has done. We have a Ministry of Migration and Displaced, which is supposed to deal with this. What has the MoMD done? … The minister is a Kurd. But what has he done in this case?” Dakhil also said that the battle to mend the social fabric of Mosul after its liberation and restore what was destroyed by ISIS would be harder than the battle for Mosul itself, “because we have lost all trust.” She was speaking on the Iraqi Beladi TV channel on January 19.

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