Was Obama Mentally Ill?

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By: Frank York

Obama and his Communist father figure Frank Marshall Davis.

James Petras, a former sociology professor at Binghamton University, is a leftist with a long history of pursuing “social justice” causes. Petras, however, has just published an essay on Global Research that calls into question Barack Hussein Obama’s sanity and motivations for creating havoc throughout the world during his eight years in office.

Petras’ essay, “Obama’s “Pathological Legacy”: Heartless War Crimes, “Saving The Victims “Political Munchausen Syndrone” By Proxy,” describes Obama’s total lack of empathy for the victims he bombed in such places as Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

According to Petras, Obama displayed symptoms of a political version of Munchausen Syndrome. This mental illness is characterized by a person repeatedly acting as if they have a physical or mental illness when they’re not really sick. Parents who have Munchausen Syndrome often claim that their children are ill when they are not – and they become the savior of the child.

The political version of Muchausen Syndrome involved Obama creating horrific refugee situations overseas by going to war against sovereign nations – and then rushing to take care of the refugees who were the victims of his own actions. He created the worldwide refugee crisis and then became the “savior” of the millions of refugees who were forced from their homes by the Islamic State. His efforts against ISIS were always half-hearted and ineffectual – so he could create more refugees to rescue.

Babies of Iraqi Christian refugees fleeing the Islamic State need diapers – Please help!

Petras notes:

Each of Obama’s relentless military interventions, including Libya, Somalia , Yemen , Iraq , Afghanistan and especially Syria , were characterized by the deliberate and total destruction of the means of normal civilized social existence for defenseless civilians – the bombing of homes, factories, markets, weddings, funerals, schools, hospitals – leading to the deaths of many thousands and the uprooting of millions into desperate flight.  In each case, Obama would proclaim that he was saving the victims from imminent genocide by an abusive ruler or ethnic group.  He would rush in to provide a few baskets of relief and a few blankets to some bedraggled survivors of his own bombing campaigns and bask in the glowing praise of mass media propagandists and fellow imperialists.  Choreographed applause and adulation would seem to follow America ’s First Black President everywhere.

Obama’s bombs, arms and mercenaries drove hundreds of thousands of families into the streets, into the mountains and most horrifically onto rickety, overloaded boats on the seas.  In each series of destruction and chaos, he would calculate the point at which his ‘humanitarian intervention’ would most effectively reflect on his heroism.

He destroyed the entire nation of Libya, shredded its institutions and infrastructure, bombed its cities and villages, even deliberately sending a deadly missile into the home sheltering a half dozen of President Muammar Gadaffi’s small grandchildren and finally ended up with the public death by torture of the wounded Libyan president sodomized by stakes documented in a imperial-pornographic snuff film that should have revolted the entire world.  That the main victims of Obama’s ‘liberation of Libya ’ were hundreds of thousands of black Libyan citizens and sub-Saharan African workers did little to detract from his public persona as the first ‘African American’ world hero. 

The capsized boatloads of fleeing black Libyans and the bloated bodies washing ashore on the beaches of Spain and Italy were never linked to the criminal policies of our Nobel Prize recipient!  He even urged Europe to accept the miserable refugees fleeing his war – in a gesture of supreme PMSP.  He could do no wrong.  This serial political killer had an unquenchable thirst for sympathy and admiration – and a wholly corrupt propaganda machine to polish his halo.

Dr. Petras isn’t the only person to question Obama’s sanity or his ability to empathize with the suffering of others.

Over the past eight years, several psychiatrists, psychologists and authors have analyzed Obama’s action as being narcissistic, sociopathic or psychopathic.

Among them is Dr. Gina Loudon, a psychologist whose work appears on Fox News, WND, and other conservative news sources. In 2014, Loudon published a commentary on Obama entitled “Is Obama A Psychopath?”

In it, she observes:

The terms psychopath and sociopath are often used interchangeably, even by mental health professionals. The symptoms are somewhat consistent between the two: lack of conscience, no moral compass, manipulative, low range of emotions, interpersonally insensitive. The psychopath is deadly. He is well spoken, charismatic, fearless, controlling, socially potent, a habitual liar, calm to a disturbing degree in the face of chaos and cold hearted. He is a master at blaming others.

That certainly sounds like Obama.

Dr. Loudon continues:

Perhaps the most frightening symptom of the psychopath is to kill while keeping their own hands clean. Obama takes full credit for killing Osama bin Laden to the point of both stealing the glory from our Navy SEALs and at the same time betraying the existence of SEAL Team Six and exposing them to unwarranted assassination risk – risk that resulted in the worst catastrophic loss of life in the history of the SEALs. Did Obama take responsibility for that? He certainly spent far less time mourning their loss or taking responsibility for their deaths than he did taking credit for being tough dealing with terror.

Author Dinesh D’Souza, writing in The Roots Of Obama’s Rage, believes that much of Obama’s bizarre behavior can be explained by his upbringing in a home where his Marxist white mother hated America and where he was mentored by a black racist Communist named Frank Marshall Davis. Obama never really knew his alcoholic Muslim father Barack Sr. and lived for a time in Indonesia with his mother and her second partner, another Muslim. He was shoved on to his grandparents in Hawaii so his mother could continue to pursue her anthropology work in Indonesia.

It appears that Frank Marshall Davis was really the only long-term father figure Obama ever had. His mother was obviously more concerned about her career than nurturing her son.

It was in Hawaii that Obama was introduced to Davis, who was not only a Communist Party member, but a rabid racist and anti-Christian from Chicago who authored pornography, including one story involving pedophilia.

During these years, Obama learned to hate America and colonialism – and it is clear that he has spent his life working to punish white-dominated nations involved in colonialism – whether economic colonialism or actual colonialism. He also learned to love Islam, hate Christianity, and Western Civilization as a whole.

Historian Paul Kengor, author of The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story Of Barack Obama’s Mentor” goes into great detail about the corrupting influence Davis had on the young Obama. By the time Obama attended Occidental College in California, he was an outspoken Communist.

This is the man who sat in the Oval Office for eight long years – and who continually lied boldly to us. He spread chaos and bloodshed around the globe – and then pretended to be the savior of the victims he had created. Thank God, he’s gone but the mess he left will take years to clean up.

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