Christian Violently Murdered in Egypt for Selling Alcohol

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On January 3, a shopkeeper in Alexandria, Egypt, was murdered when an Islamic extremist snuck up behind him and slit his throat because he owned a shop that sold alcohol.

According to a preliminary investigation done by the national security department of Egypt and translated by Raymond Ibrahim: “The accused was not prompted by any political or criminal motives but had embraced takfiri [“radical”] thinking four years ago.”

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The attacker, Adel Suleiman, 48, attacked the Christian man, Joseph Lam’i, because the items sold in his shop were “contrary to the shari’a and the religion [Islam].”

Raymond Ibraahim’s website reports:

A surveillance video captures the moment of the attack…The Coptic shop owner can be seen sitting in a chair right outside his shop.  Then a bearded man appears casually walking along in the background.  He stops behind the seated Christian, pulls his head back, and very forcefully and deliberately slits his throat.   The Copt instinctively jumps up and away from his assassin, though he quickly succumbed to his wounds by bleeding to death.

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