“Car Bomb” Crashes into Australian Christian Lobby Office

Dec 21st, 2016 | By | Category: News Posts

A van loaded with gas bottles crashed earlier today, Wednesday December 21, into an Australian Christian lobby office in Canberra and exploded according to reports.

No staff members were injured but the condition of the driver is unknown, according to a tweet sent out by Lobby managing director Lyle Shelton. Shelton also tweeted out a picture of the van and called the vehicle a “car bomb.”

The Sun reports:

“A man is thought to have been behind the wheel when the van ploughed into the Eternity House building at around 10.45pm local time.

The explosion destroyed the van and blew out a number of the building’s windows.

A spokesperson for the Australian Capital Territory Police confirmed the vehicle was driven towards the front of the building and said an investigation was underway.

They added: “Investigations into a vehicle fire at the Australian Christian Lobby and no one was injured inside the building.”

No arrests have been made but the alleged driver is believed to be receiving medical treatment.

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