Thousands Gather to Call for A Caliphate in UK

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Protesters in London

In the street outside the empty embassy in Belgrave Square, London, protesters and Islamic leaders filled the street chanting loudly and calling for American to be punished for Aleppo.

The protests started as an alternative to an official demonstration outside Downing Street that called for an end to the bloodshed in Syria. The protest blocked off lanes of traffic when it started at around 9pm on the night of Tuesday, December 13.

The protest started with a prayer session outside the Syria embassy that has been vacant since May 22012 when the Syrian ambassador to the UK was expelled by the British government.

The protests blocked off the entire road, forcing motorists to find alternate routes to take.

During the protest, there were speeches that lasted almost an hour while the crowd chanted Allahu Akbar, which means “God is the greatest,” and cheered for those calling for a global caliphate.

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One speaker, a poet, shouted: “We need a Caliph who will clean up these steers. Who will smack up armies and who will back beef [fighting]. Backhand your missiles back to your land, that’s the plan. World domination at hand. We can expand and take out these fools.”

According to Drudge Today, “the crowd largely segregated into men and women with many of the women wearing Islamic clothing.”

Breitbart reported that one protester appeared to be waving a Taliban flag and others were handed placards made by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain that calls for the reestablishment of a caliphate. It is still unclear who organized the demonstration.

Breitbart reported that Haithham al-Hadad, a Saudi-trained Salafist Muslim, congratulated the crowd for gathering so quickly and in such large numbers: “The gathering today- in a matter of a few hours, hundreds of brothers and sisters coming together- is a sign of positivity and revival, and a sign of victory for Allah.”

Celebrating Christmas with Christian children who escaped the Islamic State

Asim Qureshi, the director of the Muslim rights group CAGE, blamed America for the situation in Aleppo: “Never forget who is the problem here. When they say ‘look, America is the one who is going to come and help you in this,’ then we have to remind them. Go back to the beginning of the war on terror when we were investigating cases of individuals being put on rendition flights to Syria where they had the soles of their feet beaten by the Syrian regime the moment they arrived in prison. And who sent them there? The Americans, the CIA.”

The United States has been involved with airstrikes in Syria and provided equipment for rebel groups fighting ISIS.


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