In Hollywood’s Blacklist: Allah Is Loving, But Non-Acceptance of Homosexuality Leads to Violence, Sadism and Terror

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By Julio Severo

blacklistUsually, in Islamic cultures fathers kill homosexual sons. Even in the Western culture, they kill them. For example, a FoxNews headline said, “Los Angeles father allegedly killed son because he was gay.” This father was Shehada Issa, a Muslim man.

Yet, because in Hollywood reality makes no sense, in an episode titled “The Djinn” in the American crime thriller television series The Blacklist, the script was fantastically unreal. A Muslim businessman in the U.S. had been kidnapped, and while the U.S. police, even the FBI, are searching for him, no one knows that he is imprisoned in the bedroom of his alleged daughter Nasim, whose fantasy is to torture and kill him.

In a point, with her father bound and tortured, Nasim said, “Allah teaches us forgiveness.” This was the only mention of Allah in the movie: a loving god who supposedly teaches that instead violence, his adherents should practice love and forgiveness. But this is an artistic Allah made in USA, because the real non-forgiving Allah, who teaches his adherents to kill 100,000 Christians a year, makes no sense to politically correct minds.

So Allah needed to be reinvented by Hollywood to have an American fictitious image of what it is not in the Islamic cultures, and also to be a part of a money-making machine for a Hollywood that turns real nightmares into profitable fantasies.

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Then Nasim adds, “But some things are unforgivable.”

It is obvious that for the real Allah, a Muslim accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior is “unforgivable.” But what is “unforgivable” for Hollywood and its Allah? Non-acceptance of homosexuality!

Emerges the criminal-hero Raymond “Red” Reddington (played by actor James Spader) and Nasim says to him: “What do you want?”

Reddington: “To offer my sympathies.”

Next, in one of the greatest “moral” sermons in The Blacklist, and perhaps in all the Hollywood history, he lectured how Nasim had been born a man, but his father, against his will, made him into a “woman” to protect his family from disgrace. The Reddington character uses and abuses the word “choice” in a perverse Hollywoodian way.

“Choice” is a very misleading word in Hollywood and America. You are a criminal in America if you force a woman to abort her unborn baby. But if she chooses to abort by her free will, it is not a crime. In fact, you are labeled a criminal if you try to hinder her from killing her baby!

Choice, Allah, Islam and homosexuality are sacred cows in the script, never to be mentioned negatively. Let us see their conversation:

Nasim: I know who you are.

Reddington: And I know who you are, Nasim. What a beautiful name. It means “breeze” in Farsi. But you weren’t born Nasim. You were born Nasir — “the victorious.” How ironic. But a boy. A perfectly healthy boy.

Another character says to Nasim: We know you’re The Djinn.

Reddington: And this must be your father. The butcher. Tell me, Bahram, was it so horrific to discover that your 19-year-old son, your eldest son, was gay? So horrific that you forced him against his will to go under the knife, change his gender, to give you a daughter instead of your son, who is gay?

Bahram, Nasim’s father, shakily: Clerics accept… People can get trapped in the body of the wrong sex. The law says…

Nasim: I wasn’t trapped. I liked my body. I liked men.

Bahram: I wanted to protect you, Nasim. They could have killed you.

Reddington: For being gay. They’re so homophobic that being gay is a hideous crime, but chopping off a man’s penis isn’t? Honestly, is it just me, or is the human race, armed with religion, poisoned by prejudice, and absolutely frantic with hatred and fear, galloping pell-mell back to the dark ages? Who on earth is hurt by a little girl going to school or a child being gay? Let’s be frank, Bahram. You didn’t change your son to protect him. You changed him because he disgusted you.

According to his Hollywood script, Nasim became “The Djinn,” a sadistic criminal who helps fulfill revenge fantasies through terroristic kidnappings, not because of Allah, but because his father did not accept his homosexuality. Islam is innocent in the violence of Nasim and his father.

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According to Muslim demonology, the Djinn is one of a class of spirits that inhabit the earth, assume human and animal forms and exercise supernatural power. Is it any wonder that The Blacklist episode titled “The Djinn” seemed inspired by demons?

According to the Hollywood view inspired by demons, it is not Islam, or Mohammed or the Koran which leads Muslims to terrorism. It is non-acceptance of homosexuality!

Non-acceptance of homosexuality leads people to violence, sadism and terrorism — in the evil world of Hollywood. The script made it clear that its Hollywoodian Allah had no role in the violence by its Islamic adherents.

In real life is very different. The majority of Muslims in the East consider harsh treatment of homosexuals to be perfectly justified.

Textbooks for Islamic Studies, officially used by the Saudi Ministry of Education, say:

“Homosexuality is one of the most disgusting sins and greatest crimes…. It is a vile perversion that goes against sound nature, and is one of the most corrupting and hideous sins…. The punishment for homosexuality is death… [the perpetrator] is to be burned with fire. It has also been said that he should be stoned, or thrown from a high place.”

Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally, is the capital of Islam in the world.

Ten Muslim nations officially impose the death penalty for homosexuals. They are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and some states in Malaysia.

Other Muslim countries have no official death penalty for homosexuals, but homosexuals are murdered anyway by police and the population.

In the real Islamic world Nasim would have, by force or not, been given no opportunity to live. Homosexuality is punished with death in Islam. So the sermon given by the criminal-hero Reddington about not giving free choice to homosexuals is not about Islam, which in real life kills homosexuals, but which in Hollywood has a loving Allah. It is about Christianity.

Hollywood, which fears to treat Islam as a religion controlling people and leading them to violence, feels free to make this negative depiction of Christianity. For example, in the “Sir Crispin Crandall” episode, The Blacklist has a scene where the wicked CIA director interrogated a criminal by using the Bible. He said, showing the pictures of the criminal’s children,

 “Are you acquainted with the Bible, Mr. Karpos? I am. At one point, I actually considered the priesthood. Can you imagine? There’s a passage — Exodus 20:5-6. ‘For I, the Lord thy God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children.’ We wouldn’t want that. Would we, Mr. Karpos?”

After the “veiled” threat against his children, the criminal revealed all the information the CIA director wanted!

Can you imagine Hollywood depicting a CIA director threatening violence against the children of someone by using the Koran? Hollywood is able to protect Islam and homosexuality at the same time, but not the evangelical Christianity that founded the United States.

Actually, people are controlled by ideologies, which lead them to violence. Hollywood is representative of a liberal ideology which protects violent Islam, portrays Christianity as violent and depicts homosexuality as a good and even compulsory “choice,” including for children.

Hollywood fantasies violently rape truth for the sake of its own profitable lies.

The Hollywoodian Allah forgives and accepts homosexuality. But for Hollywood, non-acceptance of homosexuality is an unforgivable “crime.”

Hollywood is philandering with Allah at the expense of truth, reality and the evangelical Christianity that founded America.

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Often the cold-blood Reddington kills other criminals. I wonder what he would do to George Washington, the first U.S. president, who expelled a soldier for homosexuality.

Would Hollywood depict Washington as a criminal to be lectured and even killed by a Reddington?

Would Hollywood depict him as a man in need to learn from the Hollywoodian Allah how to forgive his homosexual soldier?

Would Hollywood depict him as a demon Djinn for his opposition to homosexuality?

Anyway, The Blacklist will never do it to Islam, the Koran and Saudi Arabia. Only Christians and the Bible are in the Hollywood’s blacklist.

What is Hollywood waiting to put Washington in its blacklist?

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