Europe Is At Risk of Lone Wolf Attacks

Oct 24th, 2016 | By | Category: News Posts
© Khalil Ashawi / Reuters

© Khalil Ashawi / Reuters

A recent report found that each week, at least one refugee in Europe is suspected of being radicalized by the Islamic State. Fears of lone wolf attacks in Europe have increased since this report revealed refugees at reception centers are impersonating ISIS fighters and welcoming execution videos.

In November 2015, Denmark’s Immigration Minister demanded that refugee centers report all refugees displaying “worrying behavior.” According to Express, “more than 50 residents have been reported in less than 11 months, and the cases include adults watching and hailing ISIS execution videos and children beheading teddy bears.”

Some refugees also reportedly warned other asylum-seekers about what happens “when you are not a real Muslim.” One incident included a number of refugees receiving death threats from others in the center after they held a candle lit vigil in memory of those who died during the Belgian terror attacks.

In another reported case, a refugee expressed an interest in joining ISIS and communicating with its members through the smartphone app, Tango. The app log revealed the refugee asked about how to become a fighter for the terrorist organization and when authorities asked him if he was an ISIS sympathizer, he answered “why not.”

Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg confirmed that there are serious cases of radicalism within the Danish refugee centers but she didn’t offer any information on what measure were going to be taken to deal with the refugees in questions. She did, however, say “I find it hard to understand that they come here and “thank” Denmark in this way. The people seeking asylum in Denmark are supposed to be fleeing from war and strife. And if they are in fact radicalized and are flirting with the idea of [terror], that is very difficult to understand.”

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