HRW Accuses Saudi Arabia of War Crimes in Yemen

Oct 13th, 2016 | By | Category: News Posts

0496F26A-BA6B-4554-A1FB-9C31D3FBD5E1 Saudi Bomb YemenHuman Rights Watch wrote a report with called the recent bombing of a funeral in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, a war crime. The report stated that a disproportionate number of the victims in the bombing were civilians and that “remnant of munitions found at the site of the attack showed that they were American made.”

Saudi-led coalition planes launched two air strikes on Saturday on a funeral that killed nearly 140 people and wounded at least 600. The funeral was for the father of the interior minister in the rebel government that controls Sanaa.

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Human Rights Watch Middle East Director, Sarah Leah Whitson said an international investigation of the “atrocity” is needed.

The Daily Star recaps the start of the conflict in Yemen:

“The Shiite rebels, allied with trops loyal to a former Yemeni president, overran the capital in 2015 and forced out the internationally recognized government. The Saudi-led military coalition began attacking the rebels in March of this year. The Saudis accuse the rebels, known as Houthi, of being proxies of Shiite-led Iran.

The air campaign and ongoing ground fighting have left over 4000 civilians dead and more than 7000 wounded. The war has pushed Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest nation, to the brink of famine amid an imposition of a coalition blockade.”

Human Rights Watch also asked for both the U.S. and U.K. to immediately suspend all arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Prior to this report, US National Security Council Spokesman, Ned Price warned that American support is “not a blank check” for the Saudi government.

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