Could Hillary Be Responsible for Arming Benghazi Terrorists?

Oct 6th, 2016 | By | Category: Weekly Washington Updates
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

New speculations are being made about the extent of Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Benghazi. As it turns out, Obama “quietly shut down” a criminal case that some say would prove that actions made by Clinton when she was secretary of state lead to arming the Islamic terrorists responsible for Benghazi.

Over the years, investigative reporters have claimed that Clinton approved arms shipments to rebel groups in Libya known to be linked to al-Qaeda and ISIS. However, the blame was placed on Marc Turi, a “rogue” U.S. arms dealer.

The Horn reports:

“In February 2014, the Obama administration charged Turi with illegally shipping weapons to Libyan rebels.

Turi makes no bones about the fact that he sold and shipped weapons to Islamic radicals in 2011. But he says the Obama administration – including Hillary Clinton – signed off on the deal, because they wanted to help radical Islamic “rebels” overthrowing pro-U.S. regimes during the Arab Spring.

Tragically, Ambassador Chris Stevens personally helped Turi apply for permission to sell weapons to Libya in 2011. Instead of shipping weapons directly to Libya, Turi came up with a “footprint-free” way to ship weapons to Qatar and the UAE, who would give them to the Islamic Libyan “rebels” so dear to Obama and Hillary’s hearts.

The weapons were being filtered through…. you guessed it… Benghazi… Instead of owning up to the scandal, Obama accused Turi of selling the weapons illegally and left him holding the bag – and facing jail time and disgrace.”

The judge hearing the case ordered the State Department to produce documents that showed how they planned to arm the Libyan rebels.

Two days before the documents were due, the Obama administration dropped the case.

The credibility in this accusation against Clinton lies in:

 “David Manners, an 18-year CIA veteran, testified last May that “the United States did participate, directly or indirectly, in the supply of weapons” to Libyan rebels.

The Washington Times found documents showing that the administration approved one of Turi’s suppliers – Dolarian Capital Inc. – to sell “rocket launchers, grenade launchers, 7,000 machine guns and 8 million rounds of ammunition” to Kuwait, which would give them to Libyan rebels. The Obama administration canceled that – but did it replace it with Turi’s plan to use Qatar and the UAE instead?

The New York Times even admitted in 2012 that Obama authorized shipments and then lost track of the weapons, which ended up in the hands of terrorists.”

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