Congressman Dave Brat introduces 2 Homeland Security anti-terrorism bills

Sep 3rd, 2016 | By | Category: Weekly Washington Updates

Dave_Brat_official_congressional_photoPress Release from Congressman Dave Brat about his new Religious Freedom International Reciprocity Enhancement (FIRE) Act:


Rep. Brat introduces 2 Homeland Security anti-terrorism bills

In the wake of the horrific terrorist attack in Nice, Rep. Dave Brat introduced two bills in order to better protect the U.S. homeland from the threat of radical Islamist terrorism.

H.R. 5823, the Naming the Enemy Within Homeland Security Act: Prohibits the Department of Homeland Security from funding or collaborating with organizations or individuals associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is a loose alliance of Islamist organizations with a shared ideology and history.  The movement seeks to establish an Islamic Caliphate and to weaken the West’s resistance to Islamic theocracy. After organizations and individuals with Muslim Brotherhood ties were named as co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case, where terrorist organizations were funded abroad, it is clear that this anti-democratic ideology should have no place within the Department of Homeland Security.

H.R. 5824, the Religious Freedom International Reciprocity Enhancement Act or Religious FIRE Act: Prohibits foreigners from countries that do not respect religious liberties from funding religious activities in the United States, primarily to limit foreign terrorist organizations from advancing their brand of jihad in America. Islamist financiers in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, have funded extremist interpretations of Islam in the United States and other Western nations.  While Christians can be put to death for sharing their religion in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi royal family funds its radical religious Wahhabist views in the United States. This cannot persist. Only people from countries that recognize religious liberties should be allowed to finance religious activities in the United States.


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