Christians Killed by Muslim Mob Hours Before Kerry Visits Nigeria

Aug 24th, 2016 | By | Category: News Posts
Secretary of State John Kerry.

Secretary of State John Kerry.

A mob in Zamfara State, Nigeria killed eight people earlier this week by burning down the house of a Muslim man who intervened in an attempted killing of a Christian student accused of blasphemy by his Muslim peers.

A Christian student at Abdu Gusau Polytechnic was accused of making a blasphemous statement against Islam. A group of his classmates beat the Christian student in public, until a local Muslim man stepped in and drove him to the hospital.

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The Zamfara state police reported that the mob retaliated against the Muslim man by setting his house on fire, which had eight people in it at the time, including the Christian student. The homeowner and his wife were not killed in the attack.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari took to Twitter to speak out against the attack, calling it “barbaric and unacceptable.”

Governor Alhaji Abdulaziz of Zamfara called an emergency security council meeting after hearing about the incident, and publicly stated that those involved in the attacks will be punished.

These attacks happened just one day before US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Nigeria to speak out against human rights abuse committed by the Nigerian military as they continue to fight Boko Haram, a radical Islamic terrorist organization.

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