McCain Foundation tied to Saudi Government

Aug 11th, 2016 | By | Category: News Posts
John McCain all smiles for the despotic monsters who rule Saudi Arabia

John McCain all smiles for the despotic monsters who rule Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is a controversial ally of the United States because of the heavy influence of strict Islamic theology in the way the government is run. The Sunni Muslim population in Saudi Arabia is one of the most radical sects of the religion. They support the traditional role of women in Islamic societies, which forbids women from driving, or being seen without a male escort. As Frank York notes, “women who are raped are often convicted of adultery and either flogged, stoned or beheaded. There are no churches or synagogues permitted in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi government funds radical mosques around the world.”

On top of the Saudi Government denying their citizens basic rights that many Americans take for granted, many of the militant Islamic groups, such as Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, are followers of radical Sunni Islam, and they seek to kill Christians, Jews, and Shiite Muslims.

In recent months, John McCain’s link to Saudi Arabia has become more apparent. In March, Bloomberg News reported that the McCain Foundation received a $1 million donation from the Saudi government in 2014 while the McCain Institute Foundation received a $100,000 donation from the Saudi Embassy. Bloomberg News states that the McCain Institute didn’t disclose the Saudi donation until confronted by Bloomberg reporters.

This raises concern about the influence the Saudi government has over McCain as he continues his time in the Senate. McCain is a big supporter of funding Sunni “rebel” groups in order to take Bashar Assad in Syria, even though many of these rebel groups have ties to Al Qaeda and ISIS. McCain’s ties to the Saudi government raise questions about McCain’s support to these Sunni groups and have lead people to question the foreign government’s influence over the senator.

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